5 DIY Dupatta Ideas

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Choosing your wedding day outfit is not easy. With the variety available in the market, the task has become a little more difficult as it leaves you wanting for more. Each time you enter a shop, you fall in love with a lehenga or a Sari. Then you immediately think of the store you visited the day before and the lehenga you liked there. Thus the confusion never ends. The key to finding the best outfit for your wedding day lies in making that final decision and trusting your instincts. In majority of the cases, brides-to-be face a dilemma while buying a lehenga due to the dupatta. This part of the Lehenga often lacks the sequins one desires for that royal and rich bridal look. Most brides either love the lehenga or the dupatta, but not both.

Worry not!We are suggesting 5 DIY (do it yourself)  Dupatta Ideas which brides can utilize to spin magic on their dupatta and make their wedding outfit stand out on the day.

All the raw material is easily available in the market an that too at very affordable price. Since you will be doing the work yourself, it will save you the labour charges as well. In many cases the stores themselves offer to add your choice of work on the dupatta at no extra cost. Just check with your dealer once.


Simply visit the market once to view the large variety in tassels available there that can add sparkle to any ordinary-looking dupatta. From pearls to sequins to thread work to aari work, the variety is mesmerising and mind boggling. Do ensure choosing a tassel that matches either the dupatta or the choli. We recommend you match the tassel with the choli. If you try and get tassel in the same shade as that of the lehenga, it will end up merging with the lehenga and might not stand out.

Stick-on or Sew-it-on Patches:

The stick-on or sew-it-on patches come in all shapes and sizes and can add a real glam factor to a bridal dupatta, especially if it is sheer paneled. Even on thick materials, such patches can create an illusion of fullness and that too at affordable prices. A simple stick on patch can cost up to 25 INR per piece with the more expensive varieties in the range of 100 INR and above.

5 DIY Dupatta Ideas

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You could add lace or gota (gold lace) either horizontally or vertically on your dupatta. We recommend stitching the lace horizontally on your dupatta. The vertically striped lace, when draped, can help you appear taller and slimmer. Always choose thinner laces so that you can add stripes at an equal distance. In case you like a broad lace you could add two stripes. Laces are sold at prices per meter. Ask for the coat of the whole bundle as this will be cheaper.


If your lehenga is heavy on embroidery work, you could incorporate the same pattern of embroidery on your dupatta as well. If you are not very keen on replicating the embroidery pattern, you could opt for ready-to-sew flowers and other designs to add to your dupatta. You can space them equally on the dupatta to make it look elegant.

5 DIY Dupatta Ideas


Sequins & pearls:

If you do not find any of the above embellishments that match your lehenga, you can always opt for the tried and tested formula of adding sequins and pearls to the dupatta. While pearls add a subtle grace, sequins help impart some much needed bling to otherwise plain wedding dresses. You could even add a string of pearls or sequins that are already stitched together. This will give your dupatta an ethnic and timeless look. Naturally, you should be careful about not overdoing these things.

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