5 Essential Things Your Wedding Caterer Needs To Know

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Selecting your wedding caterer is a little more complicated than just going on to interview a few of them or attending some sampling/tasting sessions. In India, many caterers charge for the sampling-so most bridal families forgo it anyway. Also, if you are getting married in a banquet hall, you cannot bring your own caterer and simply need to go with the one provided. Irrespective of how you have selected your wedding caterer, here are some essential things they need to know:

1.     Head count

Finalize the wedding guest count 2-3 days before the event and notify the caterer about it a day before. Do not forget to include your help too: drivers, maids or ayaahs etc in the guest list. Always add 5 to 10 people extra to account for guests who do not RSVP but turn up any way. Also do not forget your vendor count: planners, photographers, coordinators and DJ/singers etc will also eat though their timing of eating will be different than yours.

2.     Dietary preferences and restrictions

If you are including vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes in your wedding buffet, make sure they are prepared and plated in separate areas. Many guests are extremely touchy about these things. For buffet meals, ask your caterers to write down the names of all dishes in English as well as your native language. This will leave no room for doubt when it comes to curries that all look alike. You want every guest to feel important and accepted, and a well prepared catering staff will be able to do just that.

3.     Timing

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Your wedding caterers should be in touch with your planner/coordinator. This way the food is served at the right time. For a traditional Hindu ceremony, if the rituals are going to last for hours, you might want to arrange for finger food and mocktails to be served to guests while they wait. Likewise, during the Reception, your planner should ideally instruct the caterer to bring out the cake at the right moment. For evening weddings in winters, your caterer must be able to keep a steady supply of warm beverages to keep guests warm. These are little, though important things whch are oft overlooked.

4.     Kids meals

Are there going to be many little ones at your wedding? Then do let your caterer know. While most parents would not appreciate their children being served fried finger foods, kids would certianly feel more included if there is a special station for them with the chef whipping up kid-friendly delicacies. Meals served in special spill-proof packages can also go a long way in impressing children and their parents as well.

5.     Talk about the budget first

Indian wedding caterers in Mumbai

Many families are hesitant to talk about their wedding catering budget. However, your food and drinks can amount to nearly 50% of your total wedding costs. So you need to prioritize and choose catering packages accordingly. It pays to be upfront about these matters early on to avoid surprises later. Be firm with your wedding caterer where you need to stay financially.

That pretty much sums things up. But, if we’ve missed out any essential points to talk with your wedding caterer, then do comment below to share it with our readers!

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