5 Iconic Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Mumbai That Every Couple Must Explore!

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Let’s be honest. We’re living in the age of selfies, aren’t we? The age of Instagram & SnapChat? Today weddings are all about taking aww-some pictures with your better half. If you are someone who’s about to tie the knot, we bet a million bucks the one thing you must be most excited about is your pre-wedding photoshoot.

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Speaking of, the time and era of awkward poses and irritating photographers telling us how to stand are gone. It’s the time of looking-deeply-in-each-other’s-eyes shot, DDLJ-wale shots, and holding-pets-together shots.

Love is truly magical, so it should be portrayed in a romantic and lovable manner, right? Every to-be-wed couple deserves a perfect click amidst breath-taking surroundings. Keeping that in mind, today, we bring you five iconic pre-wedding locations around Mumbai to transform your envisioned dreams into a beautiful reality. If you’re looking for some hatke spots to create some cherishable memories, then this post is for you.

Come, let’s see what Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, has to offer in terms of great pre-wedding locales.

1) Gateway of India

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The first place that comes to mind when one thinks of Mumbai, so we couldn’t start this post without mentioning it first! This area alone features the most iconic landmarks, Mumbai has to offer. Most couples who opt for historical monuments as romantic backdrops head to this colossal structure. The starting point of a great pre-wedding shoot, it leads to many famous spots like The Taj Mahal Palace, Elephanta Caves and Leopold Cafe (Colaba Causeway).

2) Bandstand Promenade

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Right at the end of the street where famous Bollywood actors have their mansions and bungalows, you have a spot that’s perfect for a romantic shoot. If you want a real Mumbaiya feel, with an open setting and a bit of scale, Bandstand is a great spot to aim for. The Sea Link Bridge itself is one of the most famous and photogenic landmarks in the vicinity. And it offers an excellent backdrop to shoot the two of you with the contrasting sea and steel of the city behind. There are lots of unique elements – a small garden, a fort, and a rocky seashore – so you can get a variety of poses in a relatively short space of time.

3) Grandmama’s Cafe

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Most romantic adventures often start with a simple coffee date. Isn’t it a great idea then to go all nostalgic and create some fantastic memories amidst a beautiful, cafe setting? This Juhu locale is perfect for you if candid captures amidst impressive European interiors, pops of bold, bright colours, Dutch windows, and eclectic furniture is what you seek. Apart from serving fresh, delicious food, Grandmama’s cafe is adorned by lovebirds for its chic & cosy vibe. Maybe you can have a tete-a-tete about the upcoming ceremonies. Who knows you might even run into a celebrity?

4) Kala Ghoda

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If you’re not sure where you want to be for your pre-wedding photography, but know you want it to feel really exclusive, just head to this crescent-shaped art district in Downtown Mumbai. You can’t fail to find something interesting amongst the bustling visual tapestry of cars, pubs, people, gardens, iconic libraries, art galleries and eclectic architecture, and the eponymous statue. Whether you want Victorian splendour or graffiti-covered realism, it’s all about embracing the unexpected and exploring a little bit, until you find something that feels authentic to the two of you.

5) Sanjay Gandhi National Park

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Picturesquely perched atop the Malabar Hill is one of the best idyllic locations in Mumbai, the Hanging Gardens. Offering a sunset view over the Arabian Sea and featuring numerous hedges carved into animal shapes, the place is a photographic favourite with locals, tourists and the soon-to-be-married alike. The variety of flora ensures your shots will be vibrant and lively. What’s more, the world-famous reputation of nearby boutiques, eateries, pubs, and cafés is well-earned; which makes it fabulously photogenic, and great for re-fuelling after your shoot.

Remember, Mumbai isn’t just the city of dreams. Almost every region here boasts of spectacular architecture, vintage spots and contemporary hubs. When it comes to picking your pre-wedding location in Mumbai, choose the one that matches your style and personality.

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