5 Ideas for Celebrating Your Wedding Anniversary

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The thought of celebrating your anniversary peps you up. The lovely memories of your wedding day flash in front of your eyes making you feel nostalgic. Your wedding day was the day the two of you celebrated with family and friends. Anniversary celebrations are the continuation of your love for each other. And so every wedding anniversary deserves to be celebrated in a memorable way. Deciding on how to celebrate a wedding anniversary is exciting, fun and maybe even a little intimidating because you want things to be perfect. Regardless of whether you choose a quiet, private celebration or a large one involving the whole family, remember that the observation of your anniversary is a celebration of you and your spouse’s love for one another. It is an annual renewal of your commitment and should be done in style. We bring in 5 ideas to help you create a memorable wedding anniversary for you and your spouse.


Weekend planning
a great way to celebrate your anniversary is to figure out a way to be alone together for the weekend. Planning a weekend away isn’t something you should do every year on your anniversary. However, having a weekend away together on your wedding anniversary provides you with the opportunity to reassess where you’ve been, where you’re going, and to renew your commitment to each other in a special location.
Travel abroad
Travelling around the world or globetrotting will help you unwind from the daily rigmarole. It’s a great way to bring you and your spouse closer as you spend good quality time in each other’s company. Enjoy the travel destinations across the globe hand in hand whispering sweet nothings to your spouse and enjoy the moment.

Wedding Anniverasry Ideas

Create a gift box
Gift each other a box of small gifts. Plan gifts that have some memories associated with them. It could be the least or the most expensive gift item. These gifts should remind your partner of the lovely times you have shared.
A special evening for the two
Enjoy the evening as if you are on a special date and have a candle lit dinner in the finest restaurants. Remember to book in advance and make it exciting by getting ready and arriving separately so it’s just like a first date.


Party time
Enjoy the anniversary in company of special people whom you adore. Plan a party with your friends and relatives and have a gala time. You’ll certainly be remembering your wedding day with fond memories in the company of people who made it special with their presence.

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