5 Important Things to Consider Before Bleaching Your Hair

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things to consider before bleaching hair prior to your wedding

Having a hair makeover just before your wedding can give you another level of self-confidence. Bleaching your hair to have a lighter shade or trying different hair colour is a great way to give yourself a new look and fresher appearance. Moreover, bleaching and dyeing your hair is a fun, expressive, and safe form of transformation to spice things up. However, before taking the plunge, you need to consider some points to know if you are doing the right thing for yourself.  With that said, here are some essential things you need to know before bleaching your locks:

Know the condition of your hair before you colour

It’s essential to know the condition of your hair to determine whether it’s suitable for bleaching or not. For instance, if you have a dry type of locks that are prone to breakage, you need to work on how to improve the health of your hair before choosing the right product for your hair lightening session.

Choose a shade that suits your skin tone

In transforming your hair tone, it’s not always a good idea to pick your favourite colour as the shade of your locks. You need to choose a colour that will suit your skin tone. If you can’t decide what’s best for you, you can do a colour test with computer images. With that, try different shades so that you can see yourself in different hair tones. This process will help you decide whether to go for a darker blonde, or a lighter one will suit you better. Beyond that, you should be comfortable with whatever colour you choose for your locks.

bleached hairstyle for brides by Ojas Rajani

Hairstyle by Ojas Rajani

Extra hair care becomes necessary after you colour

Bleached hair requires additional care compared to natural locks. You need to use products specially formulated for blonde hair such as b uniq purple shampoo and other purple hair care products to revitalize your blonde hair and neutralize its yellow tones. Moreover, you need to wash your bleached locks with extra care and check for a change of color as time passes by. You should keep it tangle free and invest in hair mask treatments to help your hair regain its lost protein and repair itself from damage caused by the chemicals of bleaching agents.

Know the condition of your scalp first

You need to check the condition of your scalp before applying anything on your hair. This way you can be sure that your scalp is in good health before diving into a hair bleaching session. In connection to this, if you are suffering from any infection, lice, or scratchy scalp, it is recommended to get those problems healed first. Bleaching in such conditions may affect your scalp and worsen your troubles.

hairstyle by Kinjals Makeovers

Hairstyle by Kinjal’s Makeovers

Test Before Bleaching Your Entire Hair

Before bleaching your hair, you should do a test run first. Bleach a tiny portion of your locks in some area that isn’t much visible. If your scalp and hair are still in good condition and you don’t have any allergic reactions after the test, it means that the bleach suits you. By then, you can go ahead and complete the bleaching session.


If you want to have a new look on your wedding day, turning your hair light brown or blond is a great idea. However, you need to keep in mind that once you bleach your locks, there’s no going back. So before applying anything on your crowning glory, you need to think twice and consider the things mentioned in this article to help you finalize your decision.

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