5 Indian Designers to Help You Pick Your Dream Wedding Dress

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Wedding is a big affair when it comes down to the Indian culture. The marital bond is considered to be the most sacred in one’s life. Everyone knows that Indian weddings are known for their noisy celebrations and grand decorations. From small family puja to the wedding day, everything needs to be well planned in order to achieve the ceremony of a lifetime. Needless to say, most brides are more concerned about their wedding attire. If you are one of them, worry not! Today we have something for you that is sure to cheer you up and save you from going through a wide array of bridal lehengas. To help you save time and make an informed choice, we are presenting five most acclaimed Indian fashion designers for your bridal attire. Their collections of bridal lehengas will surely bring out details and minute specifications in your D-day silhouette. These are the masters of their art and they won’t let you down in any case. So without further adieu, let’s dive in…

Sabyasachi Mukherjee

5 Indian wedding designers to design your bridal trousseau

If ever there is a discussion over Indian wedding dresses, you can’t escape this name. Known for his exceptional designs and use of colours, Sabyasachi Mukherjee is one of the most popular Indian designers worldwide. From wedding lehengas to designer sarees, his taste is remarkable and extra-ordinary. The way he makes use of pastel shades, rich textures, detailed embroidery and glistening embellishments is out of this world. That’s why he is explicitly known as the best wedding designer for traditional merrymakings. Also, if you look closely, he is one of the few designers who can express a difference between usual red and a bride specific red. The richness and royal appeal of his bridal creations are simply unparalleled.

Anita Dongre

5 Indian wedding designers to design your bridal trousseau

She is a woman who completely understands fashion needs and wishful desires of modern Indian brides. Her clothes are vibrant, colourful and extremely pleasing to the eyes. Anita Dongre has become quite famous in recent years thanks to the comfort and easy manageability she offers in her designs. If you wish to dance on your big day and walk freely, Anita Dongre is your ultimate rescuer. The way she designs women’s sarees and traditional trousseau by blending the best of both worlds is outstanding. One of the key elements of her creations is gota-patti which has caught the eyes of fashion experts. You should try it!

Manish Malhotra

5 Indian wedding designers to design your bridal trousseau

Does he need an introduction anyway? Not at all! The most famous Bollywood designer and fashion enthusiast has always been in news and attention for his flawless creations and enchanting designs. Manish Malhotra is your man if you are looking for the trendiest, awe-striking bridal outfits of the season. Make sure you are willing to spend big bucks though; his clothes are not too easy on the pocket. The best thing about his creations is the spark and shine which fits in with the grandeur and setting of Indian wedding. He also likes to use sequin, lace work, mirror work, sheer and other elements that you only find in his couture. Check out his collection of bridal lehengas to make up your mind.

Tarun Tahiliani

5 Indian wedding designers to design your bridal trousseau

Everyone is well aware of the name now. Tarun Tahiliani has reshaped the fashion world in his own way and boy is he trending! His super amalgamation of modern trends with classic weaves can make anyone follow his path and redefine the Indian wedding dressing. The best thing about his craftsmanship is that – his signature silhouettes are typically classic in touch yet contemporary in appeal which make them globally accepted. Tarun has taken Indian fashion to a next level and made all of us proud with his artistic skills and exceptional creativity. He truly creates what a modern bride desires. Presenting luxury packed in trousseau, he will never disappoint you.

Shantanu & Nikhil

5 Indian wedding designers to design your bridal trousseau

Are you the one who loves to make heads turn around by thinking ‘out of the box’? If that is your wish for your wedding day as well, you need to catch up with Shantanu & Nikhil’s designs. Be it wedding salwar suits, lehengas or other ethnic staples, the designer duo is known for adding a pinch of contemporary fashion and trend to every ensemble. The style and sophistication these two brings is unbeatable. Try Shantanu & Nikhil style to rethink on the theme of your big day and make it forever endearing. They are known for spreading charm and magic through their elegant staples.

Last but not the least, if these designers got successful in making up your mind but what is still a big hurdle in your wedding shopping i.e. budget, do not worry at all. It’s not necessary to spend an arm and a leg on these luxurious staples. The idea is to draw inspiration for your overall look and you can do so anytime by using local boutiques and fashion stores for designing similar copy of your favourite designer lehengas. Put all your efforts to become the most awe-inspiring bride of the generation!

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