5 Natural Beauty Remedies For Brides To Be

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Tired skin, sudden breakouts, acne, oily skin… these are just a few of the many skin woes that many to-be brides will face as the countdown to their big day commences. But worry not, because you’ll find plenty of gentle healing ingredients right in your home, which works wonders on the skin. Not surprisingly, many women all over the world are re-discovering traditional herbal remedies and natural beauty secrets which were what their grandmothers and mothers once used. Here are our top 5 natural beauty remedies for you to try for glowing and healthy skin:

Coconut Oil

Not only is this oil so naturally chockful of heart happy fatty acids, but this oil works beautifully on the skin too. Got dry skin which just cannot be moisturised enough? You haven’t tried a dash of coconut oil then. It keeps your skin supple, and has natural vitamin E content too. This means that it works well as a makeup remover, just in case baby oil isn’t at hand. Want longer thicker and gorgeous eyelashes? Dab a bit of coconut oil on them using an earbud and you’ll condition them naturally. We suggest using virgin coconut oil in all its natural goodness and storing some in an air tight container for ready use.


America discovered ‘golden milk’ as they like to call it, but we Indians knew that a dash of haldi in milk would work wonders in staving off a bad cough. Turmeric heals old acne scars and gets rid of new ones almost instantly. Simply take one teaspoon of turmeric powder, one teaspoon of multani mitti and mix using rose water. You now have a natural beauty remedy face pack that works on all skin types in your hands! Do not use store bough turmeric powder on your face, in fact, buying the pods and then powdering them on your own is a much better and safer option.

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Aloe Vera

Who knew that aloe vera gel was this good for the skin? It’s been discovered that aloe vera juice cleanses the body from within but the gel has some pretty strong properties of its own too. With vitamins A, C and E to boast of, the gel works gently on your skin to remove sun tan. By the way, did you also know that aloe vera has certain compounds in it which help to naturally exfoliate skin and reduce any acne scars? With regular use, you’ll find damaged skin looking more radiant in just a few weeks’ time. Oh, and if you feel that you would like more voluminous hair on your wedding day, then simply apply some fresh aloe vera gel on your scalp.

Green Tea

So, you love you cup of green tea in the morning but we bet that you never knew it could work that well on your skin too. Natural green tea works as a gentle toner and also helps to reduce any sudden skin inflammation. We suggest bottling this natural beauty remedy and spritzing some on your face anytime you need an instant skin pick-me-up. Tired after working at your laptop for hours on end? Then your eyes need to be treated to the cool and natural healing touch of green tea bags. Simply place two used green tea bags on your eyes and let this natural beauty remedy get rid of any puffiness.


Yes, honey is a good substitute for cane sugar but we bet you didn’t know that honey is a fantastic gentle acne scar buster as well. It’s true! A few dabs of honey applied to your skin regularly goes a long way in reducing blemishes, sudden breakouts and also keeps the skin hydrated and looking young. When honey is applied to a fresh cut or wound, it also helps to enable faster natural healing of that skin area. The best way to enjoy the benefits that honey has to offer is by applying it as it is to the skin. Simply wash off with lukewarm water after that. Add a few drops of honey to your hair conditioner for really glossy and soft hair.

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