5 Reasons To Plan Your Wedding Online!

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For years, you’ve been reading about what’s hot and what’s not, what’s in and what’s in the bin, what makes one pout and what’s out on our blog. But today, we’re going to tell you why an online resource (like weddingsonline) is your best buddy when it comes to wedding planning.

Everything that you see or read online isn’t necessarily endorsed or certified which is why it’s understandable that many people who are about to plan a wedding would prefer to rely on word of mouth referrals or go with recommendations from near and dear ones. On the other hand, here are 5 reasons why registering with an online ‘everything to do with weddings’ website makes plenty of sense:

1. Access all the Vendors you Need


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You’d agree that a successful wedding depends entirely on just how well the vendors associated with the wedding carry out their individual roles. Even one tiny glitch can leave a bad taste in the mouth for your guests and ruin what should have been a memorable day. At weddingsonline , you’ll find all the vendors you would require to plan a wedding, in just one place. Yes, they’re even categorised according to the cities they cater to. Brides and their families are free to check out individual vendor profiles, consider reviews and ratings from other brides/grooms, and connect with a vendor they like for further discussions. Definitely beats running around for individual contacts!

2. You Get to Know What’s Trending


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Weddings aren’t just about an auspicious ceremony any longer, they are also the hottest venues and pretty much everything else that’s trending and in vogue. So, how do you keep track of an industry where trends are born and die every other day? By reading wedding blogs regularly of course! On our blog, you’d find only the most relevant content that could make a difference to your wedding planning with real shots of real life newlywed couples. Think of our blog as a Buzzfeed for all wedding related content!

3. Get the Scoop on Celebs and Learn from Other Newlyweds!

Want to know exactly who designed Anushka Sharma’s wedding lehenga? Many top wedding blogs keep you abreast of all the juicy details you want to know about your beloved celebrities. In weddingsonline real weddings section, we cover weddings of celebrities as well those of everyday couples who have enlisted our services for planning their Big Day. So, not only do you get to understand how using our website resources has helped couples plan their special day but you also get to hear about their experiences first hand.


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4. Connect with Other Like-minded Couples

Confused about what kind of a candid photographer you need for your big day? Many websites have forums and chat platforms where brides and grooms can connect with others planning their wedding. At weddingsonline, we have ‘The Shaadi Chat’ -an exclusive Facebook closed group meant for brides, grooms, parents and of course wedding vendors (designers, MUAs, photographers and venues) so you can feel free to share anything you want about your upcoming ceremony and also ask a question that’s on your mind.

5. Harness the Power of Social Media


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When we talk about online wedding planning, we cannot forget Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. These are the greates resources to get ideas and inspiration and connect with the right people who can make your wedding vision a reality. At weddingsonline, we love it when our readers send individual queries, comments and concerns on our FacebookInstagram  feeds and we respond quickly to them. These are also great places to participate in fun competitions especially tailored for couples/brides-to-be. Try your hand at winning these fun giveaways that are guaranteed to thrill!

And those are the 5 main reasons to plan your shaadi online! What are your thoughts? Comment below!

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