5 Spring Wedding Decor Trends To Know

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The wedding season is on in full bloom and as always, there are new décor trends doing the rounds. So, if you’re wondering what the new spring-summer wedding decor trends are this season, then don’t worry because we’ve got the top 5 ones picked out and detailed for you. Whether you like a trend that’s over the top and shimmery or a simple one, there’s the perfect spring wedding décor trend for all brides:

Rustic Look

winter wedding decor trends

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Believe it or not but one of the spring wedding décor themes that is really catching on is the simple rustic look of village life. In fact, one of the biggest highlights of this trend is that since earthy tones are used for the setting, it allows ample use of bright colours everywhere else. For example, the bridegroom and the bride can wear brighter attire instead of opting for pastel and other elements such as flowers and props can be colourful too. The options for Indian cuisine are endless in a rustic theme.

Symbols of the couple’s storybrightly colored flowers


Couples want to tell their story! And what better way than to do it with decor? Ask your wedding planner to add special elements that have a deeply romantic significance for you. Check out how this couple added the Eiffel Tower in their decor along with colourful flowers.

All That Glitters is Gold

winter wedding decor trends

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We Indians are quite open about our never ending love affair with gold and strangely, gold as such has never actually featured at weddings or in wedding décor. Perhaps wedding experts felt that the shade as such could be quite jarring when used in a wedding setting but we think that this shade is perfect for a season that has plenty to celebrate about. No, everything doesn’t need to be shimmery and glittery (unless you want to) but mutes gold tones in drapery and mini decorations look gorgeous when paired with shades ranging from black to baby pink.

Flowery Chandeliers

winter wedding decor trends

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Think of it as one of those awesome spring wedding decor trends that isn’t going anywhere soon because flower chandeliers which became a runaway hit in 2016 are still going strong. In fact, this trend has gone a step further with wedding planners actually suspending posies and mini chandeliers from the ceiling over guest tables. This gives the impression that the flowers are actually floating in mid-air. Perfect for a wedding which has a fairytale, garden or wizard theme to it!

Personal Touch

winter wedding decor trends

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Sure, a wedding planner may be the brains and talent behind the wedding event but that doesn’t mean that the newly wedded couple can’t add their own personal touch to their special day. So what have you? Chalkboards signages are still trending and so is displaying info about the couple themselves which the guests may not even know about. Daring couples may even write love poems to each other and display them on pin boards for their guests to read.

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