5 Surprising Wedding Beauty Secrets That Last

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Women want to look and feel beautiful at any age. However, their wedding day is THE moment when they want to look their best. Perfect skin, smooth and shiny hair, glowing eyes are all important aspects of their special day. Not every woman’s lifestyle is the healthiest, though. We often don’t have time to exercise, eat right and stick to a proper diet; and yet, since a wedding is a memorable day, you might want to change a few things in order to feel incredible. If your wedding day is 4 months away and you’re trying to find the simplest, most efficient ways to look stunning, here are 5 surprising wedding beauty secrets to help you out.

Skincare regime

It’s really important to have a healthy, nutritious skincare regime before your wedding. Invest in quality cleansing products for the face and consult with a specialist to help you out. Every woman has a different type of skin, so try not to purchase everything you can find on the market. Organic cleansing products are the best. Moisturizers keep the skin elastic and younger-looking, and scrub gels remove zits and pimples. If you can’t afford to buy skincare products from good brands, you can always make them.

There are plenty of beauty DIY tutorials on the internet you can check out. Here’s an excellent recipe for your hair: mix olive oil, argan oil, one egg and some white vinegar in a bowl. Pour it on your hair and leave it overnight. The next day your hair will shine like never before and it will look stunning on your wedding day.

Proper nutrition

Assuming that your wedding is 4 months away, you can’t eat pizza all day long. It’s extremely important to adhere to a proper diet in order to look great. Of course, this doesn’t mean starving yourself to death. Try to eat regularly; 3 meals a day and 2 snacks in between are ideal.  Whatever you do, don’t skip breakfast and cut back on your salt and sugar intake. Go for fruits and veggies, lean meat, dairy products and wholegrain cereal. Drink plenty of water, too. A little trick for women who can’t drink as much water: add fruits (no sugar) into your water glass. Strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, lemons, and oranges are excellent choices. Treat yourself with something sweet once a week, just to get your blood sugar balanced.

wedding secrets that last

Beauty supplements

Although good food is vital for your health, sometimes you may need supplementation. If you are in your 30s, especially, it is essential to use supplements since the body can’t produce all the vitamins and minerals necessary for a strong physique. Hence, added help is often required. Biotin for example, is an excellent beauty supplement. The daily dose of 2.5 mg strengthens the hair and nails. Another type of supplement for strong nails and beautiful skin is fish oil. Omega-3s improve mental health, reduce menstrual pain and may prevent various types of cancer.



Anemia is one of the main causes for hair loss, which occurs when you lack certain vitamins from your system, such as iron and vitamin C. These are crucial for the health of your red blood cells. Women should drink more orange juice (freshly squeezed) and eat more spinach, turkey, chicken, sardines, and tuna where available. Vitamin supplements based on iron and vitamin C are also indicated; they will strengthen the hair follicles and make it look strong and healthy, just in time for the wedding.

Dietary supplements

Most experts would say that diet pills are bad. To some extent, that’s true. Fortunately, dietary supplements that are 100% natural, are not harmful. We’re talking about dietary supplements that contain green tea, yerba matte, caffeine, Garcinia Cambodia, CLA and mango seed fiber, among numerous others. These don’t just inhibit appetite, but also help the body burn more fat.

Since they’re based on all-natural ingredients, they don’t have side effects and may help you lose a couple of pounds before the wedding.  Losing weight and having a healthy body inside out is easier said than done. Women finally understand that exercise works hand in hand with food and vitamin supplements. As long as you combine good food with adequate vitamin supplements for at least 4 months, you’ll look and feel incredible on your wedding day.

Author Bio: This guest post was contributed by Edward Francis, who is interested in writing about health and fitness related issues. He has a deep knowledge of this field. He also regularly contributes his articles to many high PR health and fitness sites.

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