5 Things That Change After Getting Married

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Marriage means being together with a person you love for the rest of your life. Marriage also means sharing your life with someone really special. The union also means experiencing all the happily-ever-afters you have read so far in stories or seen in movies, in your own life. But, marriage also brings changes: changes that are inevitable, changes that take place right from the moment you two exchange marital vows. They say, life is never the same again after marriage. Not only your happily-single status, but a lot of other things change completely. Therefore, it’s always important to know about these changes and avoid unexpected surprises. So, what are the 10 important things that inevitably change after getting married ? We discuss them below…

1. Your Relationship with Each Other: Till now, you two used to be labeled as ‘BF and GF’. That ‘relationship’ would change forever once the priest pronounces you as ‘husband and wife’. You are no longer just lovers or a couple, but man and wife. And that’s a pretty big change. Along with your name, the roles will also change dramatically. The casual approach will be gone, along with many other things. Good news, you both have new credentials!

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2. People’s Perspective about You Two: From your respective families to friends, relatives and co-workers, every other person’s approach towards you two will be absolutely different than what it used to be. You can sense their seriousness towards you as they have accepted the fact that it is not just a passing phase.

3. Handling fights will change: Previously, almost every fight would end up in a walk out? Now, it’s not that easy to do so. You now think twice before asking to walk out of anything. Sadly, you two will not be able to find an easy way out once you are married to this. Well, in a way, that is, most certainly, a positive change too. You will need to learn to maturely handle disagreements and grow and evolve.

4. Family has a new definition: More than definition, it’s the family size that would change after marriage. You had one previously, now you’d have two. The radius will only get bigger and happier -with more uncles, aunts, sisters and brothers-in-law. So, you both have more people to take care of while having more people to shower you with all the love and support you’d need whenever you are down. And not to forget the gifts you would be pampered with as well!.

life after marriage

5. More Efforts to Work It Out: Because it means a lot to you and you have realized the worth of working it out: your thoughts and perspectives towards life and each other will also have changed drastically. Therefore, you two will work a lot towards maintaining a healthy relationship which used to be a tad bit self-centered previously. Now that you have accepted each other as two different human beings with lots of differences and varied interests and beliefs: one thing is very much clear to you two that both -that you need to work harder together to keep this love and union harmonious.

And these changes create the base of a strong future, of a happily-ever-after ending. We wish you the best!

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