5 Things That Could Gross Out Your Woman!

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As a guy, how involved should you be or rather shouldn’t be in your own wedding preparations? Brides love to point out that while they usually take on the responsibility of planning the wedding on their shoulders, the groom whom they plan to spend their whole life with, is rarely seen on the scene at all. While your intentions may be good (bridezillas can be scary to deal with!), it’s good to spare a moment to think about what your bride is possibly thinking about you. So, we’ve compiled a short list of a few things we think could seriously gross out your fiancée before the wedding actually takes place:

1. Hands- Off the Wedding Preparations

It’s your wedding too and imagine how silly it would look if you complained about any aspect of the wedding after it’s over and the guests have gone home. We suggest pitching in. And no, you don’t necessarily need to start going shopping for wedding décor, but you can take over one or two aspects of the wedding planning on your own. For example, create a playlist for the DJ to spin at the reception or give suggestions on the catering menu.

2. Not Spending Time With Her

The period just before the wedding is usually the best time to know more about the girl you are going to marry. Using this time to talk about common interests, go for workouts together or simply hanging out with friends in public is a great way to spend time with her. Don’t kill off the romance just before it’s started and don’t assume that every time she asks you if you can take her to see a movie, it is because she wants you to spend money on her.

3. Presenting The Wrong Gifts

Unless your girl has specifically stated what she likes and what she doesn’t, getting your fiancée the right gift before marriage can be daunting. Even if you have an idea about her hobbies, it’s still possible to make huge mistakes. For example, your fiancée may be a bookworm who would appreciate a thriller or two but may not take kindly to being presented with a book that talks about losing weight or how to gain more self-confidence. There’s nothing a girl dislikes more than being given the wrong gift by a guy she sees as her future husband.

4.Making Fun of Her Loved Ones

Seriously, unless you’re trying to call off the wedding at all costs, stay away from making fun of her family members and best friends. There’s no way she will ever forgive you for that! Imitating a family member or a dear friend of hers in the hope that she will laugh at your joke, is guaranteed to be a washout. What you may get in return is a cold stare, a colder shoulder and plenty of unanswered calls. So, don’t gross her out in this manner.

5.Teasing Her in Public

Most women have their quirks when it comes to feeling 100% confident about themselves. And if you know, that your fiancée has an issue with a certain part of her body, a habit or something else about her person, it’s important to support her and make her feel good about herself. Do not bring up a sensitive topic of this nature in front of friends or relatives. And don’t gross her out by making a joke about something she feels touchy about!

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