5 Things To Avoid In The First Month Of Marriage

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Everyone from family, friends and even people you do not really know will offer you heaps of advice on what to do before the wedding and also for after you are married. But most people will not tell you what you must avoid in the first month of marriage. Here is what we think you should not do in the first 30 days after tying the knot:

1.      Hold off the entertaining for some more time:

It is very tempting to invite your family and close friends home for a meal, plan a menu and so on. But hold off on it for some time. Instead use this time to build your partnership first and learn how to be together with each other. While it is important to have people who matter to you around and build relations with each other’s families and friends, it can wait for sometime, you will always have time for it later.

2.      Do not leave conflicts unresolved:

Sure, you are navigating your way around each other and are trying to do and say the right things, but there are bound to be arguments or conflicts. It could be related to finances, family or even things around your house. But do not let these stay unresolved for fear of hurting your spouse’s feelings. It is better to talk it out and fix them instead of letting these fester. Make a rule to never go to bed without resolving an argument, this works for a lot of couples and will do you good in the long run as well.

3.      Take some time with the next major decisions:

You have just made one major decision about marriage so give yourself sometime before moving onto the next major one. It could be related to your job or buying property together or moving to another home or city. Discuss your next move, weigh your pros and cons and then tackle it. You are most likely still on that post-honeymoon high and think you can handle everything that life throws your way-but do it all in due time.

5 things to avoid in first month of marriage

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4.      Give the baby planning some time:

You have probably discussed children before the wedding and know that they will figure somewhere in the future. But avoid this baby talk in the first month where you are settling down and are in the process of getting to know each other well and forging new experiences together as a newly married couple.

5.      Never forget to appreciate your spouse:

It is easy to slowly take each other for granted as you are now married and may not find the need to impress one another all the time but never forget to appreciate your spouse. It could be as simple as helping around the house or making a favourite meal together. It will only reinforce the fact that a happy and healthy marriage needs both of you to work on it together.

Make sure to use these 5 tips and work towards a lifelong commitment for a stronger marriage.

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