5 Things to Know Before Setting Your Wedding Date

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Choosing your wedding date-the “mahurat”- is one of the first things you will do whilst planning a wedding. This date will be the single thread that will bind all else in order. From venue selection to choosing the  wedding photographer, you will need your wedding date to be finalized. But, before you do so, read the  5 most important things which will help you choose the perfect wedding date:

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1. Muhurat

Vivah Muhurat or the auspicious time for the wedding ceremony is the time when the stars are in a perfect harmony creating a favourable time to perform any auspicious occasion. If you are a follower of tradition or your family wants to go the traditional way, consult  an astrologer so he/she can give you an exact date or a list of dates to choose from.

2. Season and Weather

In India, the wedding season begins in September and runs till the end of January. However, it also depends on season and the location you are in. That being said; wedding families need to book in advance as most popular venues get booked years ahead of their date. Some venues and services  also charge you double or triple if not  booked in advance.Weather is also an essential factor to consider. While the beginning of September can be pretty warm in most parts of the country, some  parts might be freezing in December. So, choose the date depending on the weather condition of the place you are planning to set as your venue.

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3. Destination

Are you planning a sun-kissed beach wedding or a wedding mandap against the backdrop of snow-capped mountain peaks? For a destination wedding, you need to be cautious while choosing a wedding date. For example, if your idea of a dream wedding is a secluded beach in India with just a few of your family and friends, you have few choices . Similarly, a mountain wedding may not be feasible in January. So, think about the destination, the best time to be there and then fix a date.

4. Holiday

If you are expecting a full attendance of your guests, try not to plan a date of a major holiday or festival like Diwali, Dussehra or Christmas. Even a date close to these festivals or major holidays result in your guests skipping your wedding to enjoy the holiday or a vacation.

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5. Election

Another equally important point is to make sure is that your wedding date is not falling on the same date of any local, regional, state or national election. The election date can be declared months after your wedding date is fixed. In such cases, try to change your date, if possible. Due to various reasons, people tend to avoid travelling around on such dates.

Featured Image Courtesy: Nidhi Kashyap Photographs & Films

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