5 Things to Say Yes to During Wedding Planning

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In our previous article, we have discussed  5 things you should say no to during wedding planning. This time round, we are discussing  opportunities which, if they come your way, should not be missed. Planning your wedding can be a real backbreaking task with all the booking, packing, arranging and invitation trips for your entire family, friends and relatives. Add to it the worry and anxieties and you  get the ultimate aching cocktail called wedding planning. So what are the things to say “yes” to during this phase of your life? Find out….

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1. You are Offered Help

Arranging cars for your guests can be real headache and you can never have ‘enough’  for transporting the guests, for being kept ready to meet other suddenly-occurring emergencies. So, if one of your relatives offer his or her  car/s for your wedding, say ‘yes’ without giving it a second thought. They are indeed doing you a great favour as the car rental services can disappoint people you just when you need them the most. Also, you are saved from paying those bucks. What you can do here is pay the fuel price to your uncle or aunt at the end of the occasion.

2. Friends as Saviours

One of your friends is pursuing photography and she/he is more than happy to cover your wedding. Bingo! Give that friend a bear hug! Another friend who has done professional beauty courses or who run a fashion boutique, if comes to your rescue by offering their knowledge and skills to make your Day the best one, you know your BFFs are just great. Not only, they will think of the best solution for you, but you will be comfortable discussing the plans and giving those endless trials.

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3. SO Ready to Share the Bills

Marry him/her right away! There is nothing like getting married to a person who is willing to share some of the wedding bills. It says that the person do not want to see you tensed or overburdened with the expenses just for the sake of having a big fat Indian wedding, rather he or she wants to make it the best day for both of you. Lucky you!

4. In-laws OK with Registry Marriage

Say ‘yes’ before they change their mind. In this highly inflated market condition, it might not be possible for everybody to plan a great grand social wedding. Rather, it will be wiser to save that amount for future by planning a simple registry marriage followed by a reception party. While more and more couples are opting registry-and-reception option over highly-expensive social marriage, it is just because of the “wishes” of the parents, couples are left with no other option.

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5. Honeymoon Package Offered as Wedding Gift

Even a honeymoon trip to South Asian countries will cost you at least a few lakhs. And, if you want to make it to Bora Bora or Switzerland, then, definitely, you need to save A LOT  or make other plans. Now, if your in-laws or your core friends group want to gift a honeymoon package to your favourite destination, why would you say no to it?

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