5 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Bridal Footwear

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Wedding bridal footwear used to be the last thing on a bride’s mind simply because it was assumed that nobody would actually pay attention to the bride’s feet. After all, when one is wearing a designer lehenga that swishes while walking or an exquisite diamond set that reflects the sunlight, what are the chances that the bridal footwear would even be noticed? However, irrespective of whether your bridal footwear is playing peek-a-boo from underneath your saree or if your pumps can be spotted in plain sight, it’s important to pay close attention to your bridal footwear. Simply put, if your feet aren’t happy then you can bet that they just won’t put up a good show on the day that matters the most.

So, we’ve put together 5 tips to help the confused bride find the right bridal footwear for her wedding day:

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Comfort is Key

Sure, a pair of stilettoes is undeniably sexy and screams ‘WOMAN POWER’ all the way, but are they really the right pair to wear on your wedding day? We suggest opting for bridal footwear that keeps your feet comfortable all day, because that’s just how long you are likely to be wearing your bridal footwear. Extra padding all around will make standing for long hours all the more tolerable for you.

Pay for Quality

You may think- what’s the point of investing in quality, wouldn’t just any pair of sandals or shoes do on the wedding day? To be honest, investing in quality is important because a good decent brand will keep your feet happy all day. Never buy your bridal footwear on a sale unless you are 100% sure about what you’re getting. Shopping around for the right footwear should be given priority just as you would prioritise buying the perfect wedding wear.

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Image courtesy Justin Rabindra

Think about the Style

That’s what’s most confusing about bridal footwear- they come in so many gorgeous styles that setting your heart on just one is a much more difficult task than you imagined. Being honest pays and so it’s important to wear the bridal footwear you eventually buy without just falling in love with the style and reaching out for your credit card. Oh and no you don’t have to buy heels if you aren’t sure about being in them all day. We suggest flats, peep toes or pumps too.

The Fit Matters

We suggest trying on a few styles and fits before you decide on the perfect pair to buy.  The right pair to purchase should not be too loose or too tight, in fact it should allow your feet to breath easily and allow you to move around comfortably without your feeling any pinches or bites. Sacrificing a well-fitting bridal footwear for a pair of sandals in a particular style or colour is plain silly.


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Stay Colourful

White is a much loved shade for bridal footwear because it goes so well with all shades of wedding ensembles. If you’re wearing something traditional, see if you can get footwear with a few coloured stones which match your attire or go in for a pastel shade if you are wearing a bright colour. On the other hand, if you are wearing a white gown, pairing it with bridal footwear in a bright shade would add a lovely pop of colour to your bridal look.

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