5 Tips On The Perfect Winged Eyeliner Look

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The winged eyeliner make up look is back with a bang and we’re loving the fact that so many of our brides are rocking this look to perfection. So why is the winged eyeliner back? Well, believe it or not, but there is a style to suit every face and eye shape and you just need to find the look that suits yours. Secondly, when you’re wearing winged eyeliner, you can go easy on all the other makeup products you use and highlight just your eyes for a makeup look that truly stands out.

We’re here to share — winged eyeliner tips with you so that your look is nothing less than glamorous:

Use Some Tape

Even supermodels have been known to use this fool proof trick to create the perfect wing. Just use two bits of tape and stick them on to your face in a wing like design and apply your eyeliner. You’ll get the perfect winged eyeliner look! Of course, avoid using any foundation or compact powder on your face before applying the tape.

Grab A Spoon

We bet you never thought that your dessert spoons could actually come in handy while applying makeup but yes they can. Use the handle to draw a perfect straight line and then use the round part of the spoon to draw the wing. Yes, it will need a bit of practice but you can do it!

Image: Capturing Creatures

Yes To Paper

So let’s assume that you aren’t anywhere near a spoon or some tape. That’s when a business card or some stuff paper (yes even chart paper) comes in handy. Simply cut out the shape of a wing on the paper, hold it against your eye and fill in the gap with eyeliner. Easy isn’t it?

Go Dotty

Ok, so you don’t want anything more than just your fingers and liquid eyeliner in order to get the perfect winged eyeliner style. And that’s why, all you really need in order to have the winged eyeliner look is to mark a few dots on your upper eyelid first and then simply connect the dots by using the eyeliner. With practice, you’ll get even better at drawing a winged eyeliner in seconds.

Use a Pencil

It doesn’t say that you absolutely have to use just a liquid eyeliner. In fact, why not use a pencil instead because there are lower chances of making mistakes and it will be easier to wipe away. Always keep a few wads of cotton as well as a few earbuds next to you so that you can quickly wipe away any smudges.

Image: Confetti Films

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