5 Tips For Planning Your Wedding–Stress Free

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There are few events in life that are as stressful as putting together your own wedding. If you have been a bride or are planning an impending wedding, then you know exactly the kind of time, money, energy, effort and stress goes into all the ceremonies, parties, social gatherings. It is not uncommon to start preparing months in advance, especially if you are getting married in a super busy month. Most of the popular venues, makeup artists, photographers, etc. are overbooked during the wedding season. An organized bride is definitely one that can actually do everything that needs to be done without looking exhausted from the planning on her main day. Most of the time, the honeymoon becomes more of a relaxing getaway instead of a romantic one. So can everything be done on schedule without stressing – the bridal lehenga fitting, the trousseau packing and the bridal facial?

Here is how you can do-it-all without going nuts:

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  1. Hiring a consultant or a wedding planner, especially if you have a lot going around the wedding, is a very good investment. Whether it is a destination wedding, a theme wedding, a wedding with thousands of guests or wedding spanning across six functions; a wedding planner with the right experience can totally plan everything for you (with your approval of course).
  2. During the wedding planning, try not to get too influenced by every opinion you hear. Some people may have something to say about your outfit, while others may not like your choice of hairdresser. But as long as you are happy and comfortable, try not to please everyone and get everyone on board with your choices.
  3. Think of all the amazing beauty treatments that you are doing and how much money you are investing in them. Now think what will be the state of your skin, hair and face if you stress out all the time and don’t get enough sleep. So accept that some things may not go as per schedule and some last minute delays may totally be totally inevitable and just go with the flow instead of being a control freak.
  4. It is very easy to go overboard on a budget while planning a lavish wedding. Everything from orchids and candles and personalized napkins seem like necessities when you are viewing your world through rose tinted glasses. Yes, it’s true that this is a super big deal and a very important day, but it is also true that you need to draw a line somewhere, especially if it is all about the froufrou beyond a point.
  5. Wedding shows, bridal magazines, online communities, etc. are all great places to get inspiration for your bridal attire. If you are going with a ready-made lehenga, then you can see the end product when you pay for it; however, if you are choosing to go with a custom-made outfit, make sure that you explain exactly what you have in mind to the designer, so that you are not disappointed with the final product. Designer outfits and custom-made wedding clothes should be chosen by people who have the time and patience to explain their ideas and go for fittings without getting frustrated.

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Your bridal attire is something you will cherish forever and your wedding photos will be etched in your memory forever, so choose your clothes and photographers wisely. The idea is to look, confident, comfortable and drop dead gorgeous – all at once. And that requires the combination of the right outfit, makeup, accessories and most importantly, the right attitude. Make your wedding day a fun, memorable event.


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