5 Tips to Stay Calm On Your Wedding Day

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The day of your wedding is the most stressful day of all. You want everything perfect and thanks to these expectations, most find themselves all worked up . Naturally, it shows on one’s face as well as the body language .So here are some solutions for a bride to help her stay calm on the big day. We are sure these tips will help anyone get through the wedding day with ease.

Choose the right Bridesmaid

Choose the right bridesmaid: This would be the most important decision in the wedding preparation. Choose a bridesmaid who is proven to be trustworthy. She must be someone who is known to handle all tasks at hand successfully. If you choose the right bridesmaid, she will ensure a smooth and relaxed wedding day for you. It is half the battle won.

Expect things to go wrong: As the saying goes:  ‘Hope for the best but prepare for the worst’. So firmly believe that the best will happen. Despite all our efforts, something might still go wrong or not as planned. If such a thing happens, we should be prepared to accept it. If you continue to focus on something that has gone wrong, you will end up disappointed. It is best to concentrate on the positives and forget the negatives.


Delegate: It is vital that you delegate work items. Do not take on the mammoth task of doing everything yourself. You definitely cannot relax if you are responsible for every little detail. List the strengths of your entourage and delegate tasks accordingly. When each one has a responsibility they complete with utmost sincerity; you’ll be free to enjoy your wedding day.

Depend on your partner: After all you’ll be spending the rest of your life with him. Make sure he knows how important the wedding day is to you. You may have to get vocal about it because men often do not understand the fuss surrounding a wedding. So communicate with him and make him understand. He will be your anchor and keep you grounded throughout the event.



Spa: Go to a spa for a massage session just a day before the wedding. It might sound crazy to leave a house full of wedding guests, but this is exactly what you need – a few hours away from the hustle bustle. Enjoy this time of solitude and think about your partner and the future that lies ahead. It will give you inner peace and rejuvenate you for the big day.

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