5 Tips To Stay Pretty When You Fly

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Ever wonder how celebs look ever so dewy fresh after spending hours jetting across the world and manage to get their makeup look so spot on? Well, half the secret is because they catch up on some much needed sleep during the flight and the second part of the secret is that they ensure that they have their beloved skin products in their handbags.

So, irrespective of whether you are a celeb or not, we have some ready to use and handy tips that can make you look like a million bucks whilst you are on the plane and step off it:

1. Moisturise

You may be of the opinion that keeping your skin supple and moisturised isn’t really necessary because you don’t have dry skin anyways, but the temperature maintained in all airplanes has been proven to make skin dry. So, the next time you fly, use a light cream on your face and exposed parts of the body as it helps to avoid that stretchy feeling and stay hydrated.

2. Keep Your Products Close

If you are used to applying a certain cream or lotion just before you sleep at night, then don’t let travel change that skin routine. Almost all branded products come in handy palm sized packs which are a boon for tourists and this also means that you can use as much of the product as you normally would, without worrying about whether the rest will go to waste. Put together your own travel cosmetic bag with small bottles of makeup, lip balm, moisturiser, a hairbrush and anything else you need. Oh, and don’t leave out the sunscreen!

3. Try a New Look

Take a closer look at what celebs wear when they fly and you will see that they often go with clothes are very comfortable yet which are so trendy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a simple jeans and t-shirt girl. But you can swag up that look by throwing in funky jewellery, a colourful scarf to add some colour to your outfit or a chunky belt with an eye-catching buckle. Keep a few clothes separately in your wardrobe and use these only for travelling.fly

4. Eat Light

Be sensible when it comes to eating in-flight meals because food sure does taste different when it’s being eaten so high up in the air. Now would be a good time to avoid experimenting with a cuisine that you have never tried before or with food that you know does not suit you. Food that is raw, unprocessed and which is light on your tummy is the best choice to go with- green veggies, grilled non-veg and fruits are your safest bet.

5. Stay Hydrated

Instead of opting for alcohol, stick to drinking as much H2o as possible. Dehydration is a common complaint associated with flying and by guzzling water instead of alcohol, you help your body to stay hydrated all the time. Drinking lots of water is half the secret to looking pretty all the time because it adds a healthy glow to your skin.

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