5 Top 2017 Nail Art Trends You Need to Talk To Your Stylist About

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At weddings, we take a lot of care to get our hair and jewellery right, but what about our nails? Sure, the easiest way to make your nails look good is to go for a manicure a day or two before the wedding and simply apply a coat of your favourite nail polish. But when nail art is trending in such a big way and can get you plenty of rave reviews, why go with the ordinary, when shaking things up could produce some whacky results? 2017 is already seeing the dawn of many an awesome nail art trend and here are our top 5 favourite picks:

Foil Tips

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Image courtesy Nail Art Gallery 

You don’t really have to get your whole nail coloured just to get some attention. With little bits of foil just about touching the nail tips, this is a look for any season. And it’s so easy to do! First apply a base coat, followed by some clear nail polish only on the nail tips. Place a few bits of foil on the nail tips and then apply a topcoat layer to hold the bits in place. Voila! Your look is done. And we think it’ll go grandly with any Indian wear you choose.

Geometrical Design

nail art trend

Image courtesy Pinterest

You know how sometimes, you just can’t decide on that one nail polish shade to wear because really you wouldn’t mind being seen in around 3 at the same time? Well, a geometrical design takes care of your colour cravings because wearing 5 colours at once never looked this good. Here’s what you do- apply a base coat and then with a mini art brush, draw a design. Use a layer of topcoat to finish the look. Don’t worry about being unable to replicate the same design on each nail- as long as you use the same nail polish shades, your nail art will still stand out.

Negative Space

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Image courtesy Brit CDN

Here’s the thing about this nail art trend- it involves letting your natural nail show just as it is. So, why would showing off one’s finger nail be such a big thing, you may wonder. Well, that’s because the negative space nail art trend means that the wearer keeps the middle part of her fingernail nude, while decorating the side or the tips of the nails instead. First, you need to apply a base coat and then after you have decided what colour you would like to go with, use an ultra-thin nail brush for application. Horizontal and vertical lines look best!


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Image courtesy Chalkboard Nails

We bet you never imagined that those geometrical sketches from your school years would make an actual comeback on your finger nails in a few years! Angles are big this season and considering that there are so many different ways to play around with tilts on the fingernails, most fans opt for two pastel shades to wear together or contrast a dark shade with a light one.  Make sure you apply a base coat before getting creative and the best way to get the angles perfect is to cut a strip of scotch tape and paste that on your nails first.


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Image courtesy Chalkboard Nails

You don’t have to just wear your green anymore, you can show off your love for nature on your nails too. Bright blue, greens, floral pinks and actual leaf designs are set to become the rage this year. You can be quite certain that there will be plenty of great 3D designs to look forward to as well. Painting a leaf on is quite tedious and besides professional nail art experts offering their services, ready to wear botanical fake nails are likely to hit stores soon too.

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Main Image courtesy Chalkboard Nails

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