5 Top Tips To Help You Prep For Your Bridal Makeup And Hair Trial

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Your wedding beauty trial may be the last thing on your mind but it is definitely one of the most important as well. You certainly do not want it to be a nerve wracking process so we have lined up some important tips for you to help you prepare for it. Here goes:

1.Bring your own products along

A trial will go much smoother if you can firmly tell your MUA which products suit you. Many makeup artists appreciate it when you bring along the products you use daily. In fact; many good professionals will likely encourage this as well. Using your own products will help you look and feel more like yourself. Of course, there may be some artists who may be comfortable using certain products-so, it best to clear that out beforehand. Ask your artist whether you may bring your own kit. You can even suggest dropping the price of the trial a bit since you will be using your own products.

2. Take some photos along too

You want to look a certain way on your big day. So it is a good idea to browse through online/offline inspirational websites. We have tons of images of real brides on our blog and gallery. Our pinterest is there to help too. Save a few images you like on your Smartphone so you can show your MUA exactly what you are trying to achieve. This is the best way to ensure a satisfactory makeup trial as it eases the artist’s job as well.

wedding makeup trial- tips you should know!

3. Definitely let them know what you do not want

You may not like the overly done eyes or bright and gaudy lip colours. You certainly want a nude/minimalist bridal look/hairstyle. Either way, let them know. Of course you must remember that it is a trial so there is room for error at this point. Your MUA also has a lot more experience so; s/he certainly knows what will look good in photos. Do keep an open mind and take her/his recommendations as well. If, despite it all, you do not like the look then be firm.

4. Prep beforehand

For a successful wedding makeup and hair trial, it pays to do some advanced preparation for your skin and hair. Make sure your skin is clean and free of oil and sweat-the same goes for the hair as well. A few days ahead of the trial, go for a facial. Make sure you get rid of blackheads and acne. For your hair, tackle dandruff, hair fall and other issues but only after a thorough consultation with an expert.

5. Buy all the accessories you need

If you are planning to wear hair jewelry, maang teekas, large earrings, floral hair accessories or extensions, ask your artist whether s/he will provide you with the same. If not, you will need to buy them. This way, you can try out the accessories on the day of the trial and know what looks good. Doing so will help you avoid last minute shopping. If you plan on buying a hair piece later, let your stylist know beforehand. This will also help him/her plan ahead.

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