5 Ultimate Hair Accessories For Indian Brides

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Every bride aspires to look stunning from top to toe on her wedding day. Everything from the attire, shoes, and accessories has to be nothing less than perfect. Brides indulge in extravagant outfits and accessories that dazzle up every part of their body. From maang tikka for the forehead, to glittering payal for the ankles, Indian brides simply love their accessories. Here is a list of 5 ultimate hair accessories that every Indian bride must have:

Maang tikka

It can safely be termed the favourite hair accessory of Indian brides. From small maang tikkas the size of a coin, to highly elaborate ones made of precious gems, maang tikka can take many avatars.



This timeless piece of hair jewellery has been around since the days of mughal emperors, and still retains that royal charm and elegance. You can buy a jhoomar in gold, coloured stones, kundan or beads.


Jewelled chains

Beaded and jewelled chains are a contemporary avatar of our good old maang tikka. It is a huge hit amongst modern brides, who want to spruce up their wedding hairstyle with an accessory that is modern, yet elegant.


Tiaras and hair bands

It is a fashion straight from the ramp. Many Indian designers of the likes of Sabyasachi have endorsed this style in their fashion shows. Stylish tiaras or jewelled hair bands can be worn on engagement or reception parties, where you can afford to be a little less-traditional.


Sparkling and jewelled hair pins

Jewelled hair pins look stunning and fashionable. Whether you have decided to tie your hair into a bun or into a sophisticated style, these pins can add panache and glamour to it.


With these elegant accessories can surely make a style statement, and make all heads turn at your wedding!!


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