5 Ways To Deal With Sudden Skin Breakouts

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We’ve all been there- just when you need your face to be crystal clear and make you feel like a million bucks, your hormones suddenly decide that today is the perfect day to act up. And no, it’s usually never one of those small pimples that can be dealt with easily which are visible, but most of the time it’s an unexpected breakout that you know will take much longer to vanish completely.

So, what do you do when you have sudden skin breakouts on your wedding day? When you look into the mirror and you see that one ugly king sized pimple that literally looks like it has been planning this one moment for months? That’s when you need to turn to us for some awesome practical tips on busting that breakout:

Stop Panicking

Easier said than done we know, but skin breakouts are directly related to hormonal changes in the body, allergic reactions and even external factors like clogged pores. It’s not uncommon for people to spot a breakout on days when their stress levels are the highest- such as on an interview day and yes, even on a wedding day. So, the more you panic and turn into a bridezilla, the more inflammation you are likely to witness. Take a sip of water and breathe deeply.

Keep Your Skin Cool

Ice packs have been known to be highly effective in bringing down inflammation and soothing skin breakouts (yes, the way to bust a breakout is to soothe it first!). So, grab some ice and just apply it to that one pimple spot or area so that your skin becomes cooler. In most cases, a dab of ice works wonders in making the skin less red and irritated.

Wash Your Face

Now that your skin isn’t so red anymore, now is the right time to use a gentle face cleanser on your entire face. This will ensure that there is no trapped dirt which could show up later in the form of more pimples. We recommend using warm and not hot water (as that could scald your skin) to close any open pores. Plus, use a facewash that has anti-bacterial ingredients in it like salicylic acid, tea tree oil or neem extracts. It’ll act as the first step to getting rid of the bacteria in the pimple.

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Use an Effective Cream

Do not even think of popping that pimple or you will be left with a scar. We like using a dab of tea tree oil or a smear of benzoyl peroxide on that spot. The redness will come down instantly and the breakout may even reduce in size.

Thank God For Makeup

Did you really think that the celebs you swoon over have never had a bad breakout in their lives? No, on the contrary, it’s the way in which their makeup is applied that does the trick. So, you need to ensure that you start with a thin layer of foundation which is applied evenly on the face Just make sure that the foundation shade matches your skin tone perfectly so that it covers the pimples evenly too. Not happy with the cover-up? Dab on some concealer too and you’re ready to shine at your wedding!

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