5 Ways to Pop The Question…To Him

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So you’ve been waiting for years for him to ask THE question. . Why wait-t’s time to pop the question yourself. Traditionally it is the man’s job but with the changing dynamics, a woman proposing is not so far fetched. Rest assured you will have quite a few raised eyebrows. Anyone and Everyone will have something to say about your bold behaviour. But it is the 21st century, so why not? Following are some recommendations:

KISS: Keep it short and sweet, follow this thumb rule. Men do not like fuss. They like things simple and clean. So, it is always a good idea to keep your proposal short. Also, try not to over dramatise the situation. Men hate melodrama.

woman proposing to her man

Make it fun: It is very important that you make the whole process, from beginning to end, lot of fun. This is necessary because it is difficult get boys excited about any activity, let alone a proposal. They are adrenaline junkies and your best bet is to circle your proposal around a sports event.

Make him work towards it: Don’t just go and propose to him. Try and arrange a treasure hunt. He can find his way towards a beautiful set up in the garden or the terrace where you can pop the question. You can also leave a trail of your favourite things to lead him up to you.



Cook your way into his heart: The famous saying ‘a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ stands true even today. You could cook an exotic meal – you could even have a theme in mind and cook and dress accordingly. You could make some décor arrangements leading up to the question. But let the focus be food. You could even make an assortment of his favourite food items.

Private vs Public: This is the million dollar question, even more important than the one you are about to ask. If your man is the quiet type, you better not arrange a very visible, open for all type of proposal. Make it very intimate and exclusive. But if he likes show and pomp, you can go all out and make a spectacular event. You can pick a busy restaurant or even plan a party.



It may be quite tricky to predict the post proposal reaction. Be prepared for anything – an answer, positive and negative, or no answer at all. It is imperative that you have a tight control on your emotions when proposing to a man and after. If he says he needs more time to think or says no, don’t get weepy and disheartened, you have just made your point quite clear. There’s only one way the relationship can go – marriage. credit-n.ru

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