5 Wedding Costs You Probably Didn’t Anticipate

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Not many couples and wedding families are able to stick to their wedding budget. Most families, a year before the wedding, decide upon wedding costs and possible expenses . However, once the celebrations come to an end, they realise that the actual expenses have overshot the budget by a huge margin. Depending upon the circumstances, this excess amount can be anything from a few thousand to lakhs of rupees. If you are soon going to tie the knot, the last thing you’d want is overspending on your wedding. While having a lavish wedding is not a sin, ending up broke after the wedding is not a wise choice either. So we are presenting some wedding costs you probably did not anticipate…

5 surprise wedding costs which can overthrow your wedding budget

1. Wedding dresses for various occasions

Of course, you have set a budget for wedding designer attires. But what about those innumerable alterations? Those visits to your favourite tailor or designer until the blouse or the lehenga fits perfectly? All these visits and alternations add up to your wedding expenditures. Also have you purchased dresses for all pre an post wedding events? You will need saris, lehengas and suits for different ceremonies. One might also need to gift these to the in-laws. In India, these expenses are usually borne by the girl’s family.

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2. Tips to vendors

One wedding, hundreds of vendors. And it’s customary to give some tips to all of them as an expression of gratitude. Better the service, higher would be the tips. But as the amounts start accumulating, it becomes quite a big cost which is usually totally unplanned.

3. Taxes and GST

Taxes are like those forgotten relatives who appear uninvited and stay for a long time. When people calculate wedding costs, they often forget to include the tax. Consider yourself way wiser than others if you have already taken this factor into consideration. Moreover, now you have to pay GST on everything as well.unplanned wedding costs

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4. Meals for vendors and other help

There will be vendors such as your photographers, MUA, entertainers, people in charge of music and lighting, those who serve foods and drinks to guests etc. Then there will be your domestic help like driver, watchmen, maids, cook and so on without whom a wedding can never be successful. You also have to arrange for meals for them throughout the day. So do not forget to make a list of all these vendors and calculate total amount of the meals.

5. Venue check-ins and check-outs

One of the common mistakes brides and grooms often make is that they forget about the check-in and check-out times while booking the venue and rooms for guests. This error can easily double up their cost of booking. You need time before and after the exact dates to move in and out. Therefore, it’s always better to book a day before and after the actual date to avoid pre and post-wedding rush for vacating the venue.

Evidently, these little factors  can go unplanned and could wreak havoc in your budget after the celebration. Each one might seem insignificant, but, when anticipated beforehand, can save you tons of money.

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