5 Winter Bridal Beauty Tips For You

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Winter is upon us again and a new year is almost upon us. Of course, it’s also the time to indulge in warm gajar ka halwa and enjoy longer snoozes, but what does this season mean for brides- to- be, in particular? Every season sees its own fair share of bridal trends and this winter, bridal makeup is walking a whole different path. So, what should are the winter bridal beauty tips that you as a bride-to-be do to ensure should be aware of? We list our top 5 favourites:

1. Be consistent with your skin care routine

winter bridal beauty tips

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If you thought that cleansing, toning and moisturising were only meant for the summer, you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s very important to go the extra mile to ensure that your skin keeps smiling this winter and that means getting enough sleep, removing any makeup before bed, cutting down sugar & salt intake and yes- drinking plenty of warm water flavoured with lemon. Want good skin each morning? Then a branded skin repair cream is the answer on our winter bridal beauty tips list.

2. Maintain those brows

winter bridal beauty tips

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Bushy unkempt brows were trending many years back and although we don’t recommend skipping your beauty parlour appointment and appearing messy on your wedding day, what we do recommend is to understand the importance of your eyebrows for an overall gorgeous look. Here’s what you need for the ultimate brows- gel to keep flyaways in place and for a neat look, an eyebrow pencil to fill in any gaps and an angle brush which seamlessly blends in any eyebrow pencil colour.

3. Go for statement eyes

winter bridal beauty tips

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Wearing just kajal and eyeliner is passe when it comes to winter weddings this season. Now is the time to experiment with eye shadow in shades like beige, silver, platinum or champagne shades. In fact, if you can wear these shades with a touch of glitter, your eyes will sparkle for all the right reasons. Besides, our winter bridal beauty tips say that there’s a right way to wear eye makeup even if you don’t have ‘big’ eyes.

4. Wear the right colours

winter bridal beauty tips

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Sure a lot of trends in shades come and go, but if it doesn’t work on you then don’t lose sleep over it. The manner in which you wear your makeup for all your ceremonies has everything to do with how well your skin is prepared for it. By using two drops of skin oil on your skin before priming, you ensure that the harsh chemicals used in makeup do not strip away your skin’s natural oils and make it drier. When it comes to lipsticks, do remember the golden rule- rose red and burgundy make a bride with dusky tones sexy whereas corals and lighter pop shades look gorgeous on fair tones.

5. Don’t forget hair accessories

winter bridal beauty tips

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Wearing flowers is in and instead of the big oversized hair ornaments that were popular with the earlier generation, scattered blossoms are in. In fact, messy hair is in as long as it still looks stylish. So, if you want your blooms to get noticed, all you have to do is wear your hair in a bun, pull out a few strands and then pin a few fresh flowers on. More elaborate hairdos should have a few gaps so that the flowers will be visible.

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