5 Wonder Makeup Products Every Bride Should Own

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It’s your wedding day. You have every right to try anything that’d make you look like a true princess, and an absolute diva. It can be a year long beauty treatment, a number of homemade face packs or other beauty remedies, or it can be following a rigorous fitness routine. It’s your call how you’d like to prepare yourself for the big day. However, no matter what you try, if you don’t have certain products in your wedding makeup kit, turning into the beautiful princess might be a bit of a challenge. The products we are going to talk about here have received their cult status for their guaranteed result. So without further adieu, let us discover 5 wonder makeup products every bride should own.

5 Must-have Wonder Makeup Products for Every Bride

1. Lakme Absolute Foundation

Every bride needs the right foundation to perfectly glow in the happiness of getting married. The perfect foundation just brings out that radiance on the face. Try Lakme Absolute Illuminating Foundation, one of the best products in India which is extremely popular among brides. The foundation with its silky feel gives the effect of a illuminated, smooth, glowing, and dewy skin. Who wouldn’t want that?

5 makeup products every Indian bride must own

2. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

Correct eye makeup is a must-have for a bride, especially, for an Indian bride. A pair of well-defined, kohled eyes makes the bride stand out. For that, you need a reliable eyeliner that won’t smudge or run on the big day.  To give your eyes that diva look throughout the day, we recommend the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner. Oh yes, you simply cannot go wrong with Bobbi Brown!

5 makeup products every Indian bride should own

3. MAC Retro Matte Lipstick- Ruby Woo

This is one of the best wonder makeup products for brides. A cult fiery red MAC lipstick can never fail to make you stand out with those striking pouts and this is the ultimate red for every Indian bride. Its smooth matte finish looks absolutely brilliant on the lips. The rich shade of red is every bride’s dream.

5 makeup products every Indian bride must own


4. Lakme Absolute Sun-kissed Bronzer

To be the diva on your wedding day, you need to highlight the best features of your face. Perfectly highlighted cheeks and cheekbones not only enhance your overall look;they also make you look slimmer. Lakme Absolute Sun-kissed Bronzer is a go-to for most of the brides and brides-to-be as it has dual shades coupled with finest velvet pearls to work your face up to the aisle. Give your cheekbones razor sharpness by using this bronzer from Lakme.

5 makeup products every Indian bride must own

5. Mac Pro Palette Eye Shadow

Now you have put the foundation on along with the lipstick and bronzer. It’s time to enhance the eyes with the best eye shadows. For an Indian bride, copper, gold, light shade of rust are a few of the best shades. Mac Pro Palette Eye Shadow has all the best shades which are a perfect blend of shimmer and matte.

5 makeup products every Indian bride must own

Have any other wonder makeup products which every bride must have? Comment below!

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