6 Ayurvedic Beauty Ingredients Every Bride Must Use!

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The world may be going re-discovering the secrets of Ayurveda and singing praises about just how effective these centuries old secrets really are, but this comes as no surprise to Indians at all. After all, countless stories have been written about the benefits of Ayurveda and so many studies have been conducted into understanding how turning back the clock can do the mind and body so much good. So, can Ayurvedic beauty secrets be put into practice for flawless skin even today?

Why not? Older women in your family have been doing so successfully for decades. However, one of the most important beliefs in Ayurveda is that if there is an internal problem, then it will show up on the skin. This is another reason why the health of one’s internal system and beauty was interlinked. We’ve listed 6 Ayurvedic beauty secrets that you can implement in your beauty regime starting from today:

Coconut Oil for Hair

ayurveda beauty secrets

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For quite some time, coconut oil was shunned as being the ‘oil with all the bad fats’ and doctors even suggested staying away from coconut oil while cooking. It’s made a rather strong comeback with even popular Bollywood celebrities promoting the beauty benefits of coconut oil for the hair. Unlike other thicker oils, Vitamin E and other nutrients are absorbed by the hair and roots rather quickly. Ayurvedic practitioners suggest warming up a small quantity and applying it to the hair and scalp. Leave it on for at least 5 hours before washing it off.

Neem Leaves

ayurveda beauty secrets

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Neem leaves are one of the toughest anti-bacterial fighters ever created by Mother Nature. When ingested, the leaves purify the blood from within and when used on the face as a paste, the anti- bacterial properties present in the leaves helps to clear any pimples present as well as reduce acne scars. By adding a dash of turmeric to the paste, one gets glowing skin too. Another good way to open up pores is by boiling water with neem leaves in it and then steaming the face.


ayurveda beauty secrets

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Turmeric can be called the queen of spices for the large number of positive benefits it has for the skin and internal system. According to Ayurveda beauty secrets, turmeric is not only a powerful agent in cleansing the digestive system and detoxifying the liver, but it also helps to kill any bacteria that is present in acne or other skin disorders while giving the skin a healthy glow. One of the best ways to benefit from turmeric is by adding one teaspoon of freshly ground turmeric to a few drops of honey and lime. Make a thin paste and apply on the skin. Wash off after 30- 45 minutes.


ayurveda beauty secrets

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This ancient herb which not only tastes great as a garnish in most dishes in Italian cuisine is also a much revered plant for its health boosting properties. Ayurveda believed that boiling water with a few freshly plucked basil leaves and then drinking that water on an empty stomach was all that was required in order to cleanse the stomach from within, boost immunity and to have healthy glowing skin. Regularly consuming this water has been proven to make a person feel more energetic too.


ayurveda beauty secrets

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Indian sages were among the first to discover that yoghurt not only tasted good and cooled the body from within but also that it was a highly effective beauty ingredient which could keep many skin problems at bay. Its anti-inflammatory properties helps to reduce acne and the presence of lactic acid removes all dead cells and keeps skin soft and smooth. Zinc and Vitamin B give the skin a healthy radiance. Yoghurt can also be added to hair masks for dandruff free scalp and softer radiant hair.


ayurveda beauty secrets

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Ancient texts talk about how women in the centuries gone by would begin their day by washing their faces with raw unpasteurised milk instead of water. Doing so was believed to have multiple skin benefits. Milk is actually a natural face cleanser which helps to remove skin tan thanks to the lactic acid content and also works as a gentle exfoliator which adds a healthy glow to the skin too. One of the best ways according to Ayurveda beauty secrets to get maximum results is to dab some raw milk on to the skin using your fingers and to wash it off after 15 minutes.

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