6 Dating App Safety Tips For Women To Follow

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The best thing about online dating is that it opens up a world of possibilities that may not exist otherwise. With just the flick of a finger, one can choose to continue the conversation with a person sitting in a different country or simply ignore the person altogether. It’s true that so many fairy tale love stories in this modern age began online with a random ‘Hi’. But there’s also a dark side to online dating to which a lot of young girls and women are unfortunately falling prey to. Have fun by all means, but have responsible fun. So, here are 6 dating app safety tips that you should put into practice today:

Never give out too much information

One of the best dating app safety tips to remember is to beware of people who say that they want to know everything about you before you two actually meet up. Information such as where you live, work and even your full name are best avoided when chatting for the first time.

Be Wary

Don’t expect people to be 100% honest about themselves at the word ‘Hi’. Old mug shots, reducing one’s age by a few years or even lying about one’s body shape are just a few of the general white lies you can expect to hear from strangers. So, do not believe everything!

Check out Their Online Profiles

The more you find out about a person you are interested in, the more comfortable you will be when you first meet. Do not shy away from asking if you can follow him or Facebook, Instagram or on other social media sites. The kind of content that is put up and his list of friends will give you an idea about the kind of person he really is. And if the person you like does not have any kind of social footprint at all, yes, it is very weird.

Meet Up In Public

Let’s assume that you met someone you liked. The next logical step would be to meet them in person. When you do so, meet in a public setting like a restaurant or at a café. A good dating app safety tip to remember is to meet them in the morning as opposed to a date at night. Say a firm no to any hints about meeting at a lonelier spot or even at his apartment.

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Tell Your Friends

A dating app safety tip that you should practise today is to talk to your friends about that guy you liked on the app. There’s always the possibility that they may have noticed something not right about him that you may have missed. Keep them informed when meeting up with the guy in public too. It’s a smart way to stay safe.

Delete Suspicious Profiles

Many women forget that saying ‘No’ is the most crucial dating app safety tip to follow. If you feel that a person you are chatting with appears to be a suspicious person, do not encourage him further by chatting with him. You have zero obligation to chat with someone you aren’t comfortable with. Or to meet him either.

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