6 Dos and Don’ts of Bridal Eyebrow Care

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Eyebrows can make or break the effect of your features. Presenting important dos and don’ts for aesthetically pleasing eyebrows and ultimate wedding day photos!

  • Do pluck / thread your brows only after a hot shower. Hot water on the skin causes the weaker hair follicles to loosen and thin brow hairs to fall. If you have sparse eyebrow hair, this might affect the overall effect and brow shape. Threading after the shower will give your stylist a better view of areas that need work.
  • Do put on eye and brow make up only after applying your foundation, compact and rouge. The eye make up you use also determines whether you need a dark eyebrow pencil or a lighter one. If you are going for something like smoky eyes, a lighter eyebrow pencil would do the trick better.
  • Do fill your eyebrows with an appropriate eyebrow pencil. If your eyebrows are sparse, choose an appropriate eyebrow pencil (that matches your roots) and carefully and subtly fill in your brows. Make sure you don’t’ overdo it though. For sparse eyebrows, use castor oil to massage each night. This can enhance hair growth. Avoid over plucking if your brows are already sparse.

dos and donts of bridal eyebrow care

Image: Sandeep Gadhvi

  • Do maintain a routine for your eyebrows. Get a professional to shape your brows every few (4 to 6) weeks and apply a soothing gel or lotion to sooth the skin that has just been plucked/waxed or threaded. Apply a drop of coconut or almond oil to help grow any mistakenly plucked brow hairs in order to correct the shape during your next threading.
  • Do go for the classic brow. Wedding photographs are forever. So, for weeks before the wedding, make sure your eyebrows are shaped with the classic arc having sufficient width. Brow fashions change every season but the classic look remains forever. As stated before, make sure the stylist clearly defines all your dainty features as far as eyebrows and makeup is concerned.
  • Do choose a shape that is flattering to your features. A too sharp brow shape can give you an angry look angry. A too round brow might make you look befuddled. Generally, flat brows will make your features inconspicuous. Try on different shapes with an eyebrow pencil either on a printed photograph or on your own face. Stand back from the mirror and see the effect. Then, get a professional to shape your brows in the shape that is most flattering to your facial features.
  • Don’t pluck your brows more than once in 2 weeks. It is best if you leave them be for 3 weeks. This will help in having a consistent shape for your brows.
  • Don’t try to match your brows exactly. The facial bone structure and muscle alignment sometimes causes brows to not be an exact match. You may end up removing excess hair that will take at least 3 weeks to grow back.
  • Don’t try to match the colour of your brows to the colour of your hair. Even if you dyed your hair burgundy or red, keep the natural colour of eyebrows for that colour matches the roots of your hair.
  • Don’t use a razor to shape your brows. In fact, never use a razor to shape your brows as it is easy to lose control. You might even end up cutting your skin because of the uneven bone structure.
  • Don’t pluck stray hairs in frenzy. When you fill in sparse eyebrows with a good pencil or powder, the strays don’t quite look like strays. If you are new to filling in your eyebrows, get a professional to show it to you. Notice that the strays you noticed before aren’t quite unruly as before after you have filled the eyebrow in.
  • Don’t glean make up tips and tricks from soaps and reality shows. Even if you like the look of a certain movie star, or an actress, check with your regular beautician if that look suits you. As already stated, you can draw a temporary shape with eyebrow pencils and other eye make up and look in the mirror.

Follow your own bone structure, skin tone and hair colour when deciding the shape and length of your own eyebrows. Use these dos and don’ts for the best bridal eyebrow shape on your important day!

Featured image: Sandeep Gupta

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