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6 Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas for 2018

bachelorette party

When you’re the bridesmaid, planning a fun bachelorette party is one of the most important ‘things to do’ on your list before your best friend’s wedding. But here’s the catch- when it comes to a bachelorette party, every bride has a different take on how it should be. Confused about where to start? Why not think a little harder about what kind of interests the bride to be has and then plan the bachelorette party accordingly? Here goes:

For the Thrill Seeker- Water Sports

bachelorette party

Image courtesy Neha Brackstone Photography

So, the bride to be never says no to a challenge and loves trying anything that gets her adrenaline pumping? Then head to Goa, which is well-known for its water sports activities. From parasailing to jet skiing and water bump rides, she is guaranteed to love every minute.

For the Nature Lover- Head to a Tea Estate

bachelorette party

Image courtesy Capturing Creatures

Now, why would we suggest heading to a resort in a tea-estate when Indian is home to some gorgeous mountain ranges? Simply this- tea estates are usually found in lush green and cool surroundings which means that you wake up to misty mornings, sip freshly brewed tea with a cool breeze blowing and enjoy long nature walks. Munnar in Kerala is our top pick.

For the ‘Love to Chill Out’ Bride- Spa Retreat is the answer

bachelorette party

Image courtesy Rich Digital Colour Lab

Why not plan a bachelorette party at a spa resort which offers special customised bridal treatments depending upon the bride to be’s skin type and texture? There’s something totally surreal about dining on food that nourishes the body from within and treating yourself to massages and facials. Our suggestion- pick out an Ayurveda resort for best results.

For the Budget Conscious Bride- Party at Home

bachelorette party

Image courtesy Amita & Suraaj Photography

Who says that a bachelorette party can’t be held at home? Get DVD’s of the movies that you girls love, order some delicious food, pop a bottle of champagne and party in your pyjamas. The bride to be will enjoy spending time with her favourite girl gang.

For the Animal Lover- Volunteer at a Vet’s

bachelorette party

A bachelorette party doesn’t have to be just about feasting and partying. If you know that the bride to be adores animals and her idea of the perfect day is to be surrounded by canine friends, then we’re certain that the canine foster home, adoption centre or even the local vet would be more than happy to make her dream come true. There’s nothing like giving back to four legged pals.

For the Fitness Freak- Head to a Wellness Retreat

bachelorette party

Image courtesy Impress Digital Studio

A wellness retreat offers more than just yoga classes and relaxation therapy sessions. Wellness retreats also focus on improving physical health and many of them offer fitness boot camps as well as spa treatments in addition. A trip here wouldn’t just make for a fun bachelorette party, but it would also do wonders for the mind and soul.

Main image courtesy Confetti Films

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