6 Lipstick Trends for 2018

We girls love our lippies and what’s interesting to note is that makeup brands all over the world are willing to take lipstick trends to a whole new level. While we have the fashion world and dare-to-stand-out designers to thank for a whole lot of 2018 lipstick trends, we think that looking great and trendy is a piece of cake for a WOL bride. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to rocking a drop dead gorgeous look this year:

1. Glass Lips

lipstick trends

Image courtesy Daily Vanity

Er, no, you don’t have to flaunt actual glass pieces on your lips but here’s what you should know- last year was all about getting dewy fresh skin and going natural. This year, that same dew like effect has shifted to lips and it can be achieved with tons of gloss for a ‘glass’ like or reflective effect.

2. Nude Look

lipstick trends

Image courtesy Independent

So, the nude look was trending in such a big way this year- now you see makeup, now you don’t kind of a thing. And what’s surprising to note is that makeup artists are actually willing to let you wear your natural lip colour. Of course there’s lipstick added as well, but it isn’t dabbed all over and is applied in just a few spots. The effect is awesome.

3. Metallic Shades

lipstick trends

Image courtesy Ouievents

One of the hottest lipstick trends this year that’s still going strong from last year is metallic shades worn with just the right amount of shimmer and glimmer. When you’re wearing shades like copper and bronze which suit a wide range of skin tones, you know that your look is going to be anything but mundane.

4. Cupid’s Bow

lipstick trends

Image courtesy Buro 247

Did you know that the bow like curve on your upper lip is actually called the Cupid’s Bow? A lipstick trend that was noticed on runaways was models wearing dark lipstick with just a hint of colour on the cupid’s bow which of course gave a whole new meaning to the word ‘Wow’. We recommend trying hints of glitter and just make sure that this highlighted shade is at least one tone lighter than your lipstick.

5. Red Is In

lipstick trends

Image courtesy Capturing Creatures

Would you believe it if we told you that there’s a shade of red to suit any skin tone? We bet you thought that red was a colour that could only look good on fairer skin tones. Well, we say that when it comes to looking a class apart, there’s nothing that spells power like the shade red. Wear it on your wedding day or even for a pre- wedding shoot, but you’ll love the way you feel.

6. Peach Rocks

lipstick trends

Image courtesy Amita & Suraaj Photography

An evening do is just the right occasion to wear peach on your lips and if you want to, you can keep the entire made up look appear mild and classy by opting for peach blush on your cheeks as well. For added monochromatic appeal, buy yourself a peach matted lipstick now.

Main image courtesy Arrow Multimedia