6 Things A Bride Wants Her In-Laws To Know

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A wedding in the family is an eye opener of sorts for all the family members in their own respective ways. A bride may feel nervous about leaving her family behind and joining a new one, the in laws may be apprehensive about how well the bride will adjust to their ways and customs, whereas the bride’s parents are likely to be anxious about what lies ahead for their beloved daughter.

That’s why we put together a few thoughts that every bride would like her future in laws to know before she enters their home officially:

1. I’m just as nervous as you probably are

It’s only natural to feel some degree of anxiety once the wedding rituals are over because becoming a part of a new family is anything but easy. All brides want their in laws to know that they want to be loved and accepted just as they are and they too are willing to do the same. Successful marriages and strong bonds are created by putting aside differences and a ‘me first’ attitude. Adjustment is the most important factor here.

2. Your son will always be your son

Most mother in laws dread the thought of another woman getting first priority in their son’s life, especially in cases where the mother is very close to the son. A bride isn’t looking to take over her husband’s life entirely but it isn’t unjustified on her part to expect gestures of affection from him either. Just because a son has taken on a new role of a husband, it also doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need his mother anymore.

what every bride wants her in-laws to know

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3. My parents will always be important to me

It is unjust for in-laws to expect that their respective daughters in law will turn their backs on their parents after marriage. A bride’s parents should be a part of the newly-wed couple’s lives even after they tie the knot. Meeting them or staying over at their place should never be the reason for a fight because asking a daughter to take sides is simply not justified.

4. I would like time to get to know you

You may or may not be a stranger to your future daughter in law, but once she becomes family, a different kind of intimacy sets in. One of the best ways to let her adapt to a new home is by giving her space to learn more about the family members around her. It’s important not to expect her to meet your expectations of what a daughter in law should or shouldn’t do because she is after all, her own person.

5. Having a different opinion doesn’t mean I hate you

Differences of opinion can cause rifts that may carry on for days but that is hardly a mature approach to handling a situation which calls for a family discussion. The best way to tackle differences in opinion is to look at any problem with an objective eye instead of letting personal emotions get in the way. Emotional blackmail must be avoided at any cost.

6. Support and love can go a long way

What’s the best way to earn a daughter in law’s love and respect? Brides say all that in laws need to do is to just be supportive, love them and give them space as they settle into multiple new roles. Be a guide for your daughter in law without interfering needlessly. She is certain to see you as a friend and confide in you, as time goes by.

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