6 Things To Include In Your Guest Welcome Kit

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Now that you’ve decided to have a destination wedding, you’ve got to spend equal thought in deciding how you’re going to make your guests feel welcome. One way to do that is by gifting each of your guests a guest welcome kit to make them feel at home and of course, to give them any information that they may need.  Here are 6 suggestions on what to include in your guest welcome kit:

1. The Bag Itself

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Well, handing out customised tote or jute bags ensures that the bags can be reused by the guests after the wedding celebrations are over so investing in them is a good decision. However, do make sure that you speak to the hotel/resort reception desk so that each guest gets his or her own guest welcome kit on arrival. Or you could arrange to have them kept in the guest rooms before they check in.

2. Paperwork

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No, we don’t mean all those boring forms but do include your own wedding and reception invitations along with a welcome letter. Plus, since you’re having the wedding in a country, city or place which your guests haven’t yet explored (or maybe they have!), do include a list of fun things they can do while they’re here by including famous sightseeing spots and shopping haunts. It helps guests feel at home.

3. Toiletries

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We know what you’re thinking- why should you gift extra toiletries when the hotel will have them anyways. But consider this- let’s assume you plan on a beach wedding. A few useful toiletries you could then include are moisturising lotion, lip balm, sun tan lotion, mosquito or bug spray and even a big bottle of shampoo and conditioner.

4. A Sweet Something

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Who doesn’t love nibbling into a sweet something? Go for a pack of macaroons, handmade biscuits or even delish dark chocolate. We suggest going with a dessert that won’t melt so unless your planning is that fool proof, we would suggest skipping those butter icing cupcakes. A note in your handwriting will make each bite sweeter.

5. A Salty Something

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Crisps, chips and anything that involves loud munching is more than welcome. Of course, you do not have to opt for only fried snacks- you could always choose a heathy assortment of nuts, seeds or crackers as well. Our suggestion is to include a treat that is your personal favourite and which you know your guests would enjoy.

6. A Themed Gift

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Here’s where the fun really lies. Your destination wedding will have a theme that plays out in the wedding décor and venue. The best way to let guests know what the theme of your wedding is, is by giving them a gift that matches the theme. For example, for a beach wedding, you could gift seashell candles, nautical bottle opener, a flip flop bottle opener or even a magnet featuring a beer mug. You can bet that your guests will use your thank you favours long after the wedding celebrations are over.

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