6 Things Men Notice About Women Instantly

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Have you ever wondered what a guy thinks about a girl when he first sees her? Be it a date or a random meeting at a coffee shop, men do notice a lot of things when it comes to the ladies. Majority of us believe that men are a complicated lot however; in reality it is actually the opposite. Men generally think very visually and it is very easy for them to take in a lot of things with a single glance. You might be surprised to know what all a man could notice in you, just a few seconds after your meeting.

Here are 6 major things that men notice about women, though not necessarily in that order.


A smile is always a pretty sight. A person, man or woman, who smiles gently is considered approachable and friendly.  In some women, the smile reaches the eyes; and that is one thing that many guys love. They feel that such a smile is  a way of denoting how relaxed (and fun!) the girl is. Men also usually feel confident to start a conversation with a smiling lady. Most are even able to judge if your smile is genuine or fake, so beware! (Do not end up smiling unnecessarily just to impress men as you could be caught within seconds.)


They say that eyes are the mirror to one’s emotions and that is what appeals to men in most cases. Whenever a man meets a woman, he notices her eyes. He sees the color of the girl’s eyes, and the brightness in them. Men also notice whether you are looking at them while talking or not. So make sure that you make comfortable eye contact while interacting with men. This exudes confidence. Also, try to retain the attention of a guy which you can do by using a bit of eye makeup without going overboard with it.


Yes, guys do notice nails! In fact; most notice nails in details which ladies cannot even imagine! Men tend to take notice of the nail colour, the length of the girls’ nails, whether they are filed and trimmed properly etc. So make sure there is no dirt under your nail bed. Guys also react to nails differently sometimes: some of them tend to get frightened with long nails with red nail polish; most think a girl is too tacky if her nail polish is chipped; still others think you are high maintenance if you are too conscious about your newly done French manicure. It is better not to have nail paint on your nails but at least have neat ones.  If needed, you could go for lighter shades of nail polish such as light pink, subtle nude, etc.


The obsession of men with woman’s hair goes way back to the stone-age where cave men were believed to be attracted to women with thick locks. Healthy hair symbolizes a healthy woman according to men. So even today, most men prefer women with thick, long and shiny mane as opposed to women with dry, short or coloured hair.


Women spend a lot of time, money and cosmetics to pamper their skin and they should continue doing so. The reason being: most men prefer women with clear and glowing skin. Even if your face has a little speck on it, which might be unnoticeable to you; chances are that the guy you meet would definitely notice it.


Yes, men have a sense of style in shoes as well. You may be expecting the least but a guy does take notice of the shoes you are wearing. So if you are wearing sky high heels for a movie date or tennis shoes to a dinner party, don’t think a guy won’t notice that.

The key to impress men is to keep all the above mentioned pointers in mind in order to see the attraction getting multiplied.

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