6 Tips to get more wedding leads for your business

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Are you chasing wedding leads! Every wedding supplier, whether it is a photographer, a makeup artist, or a wedding caterer, wishes to have high  quantity and quality leads. Here are some tips that can help you generate more leads, drive conversions and also measure and improve your marketing techniques.

Tip #1: Create offers that are hard to resist

Every supply-demand chain consists of a basic principle: when supply is scarce- the demand is higher. Hence, by creating limited time, limited quantity (or limited time and quantity offers), you can create a sense of urgency in your potential customers. Additionally, once you have created an offer, show people how great it is. You can do so by blogging about it, mentioning it on your social media pages, emailing newsletters to customers or advertising about them as events at wedding shows or exhibitions. This way, you end up creating a bandwagon effect in that; you show other customers how people are participating in those offers, thereby increasing its value.

Tip#2: Create a buzz about your product or services

It is believed that when Prince William and Kate tied the knot, Kate’s Stella McCartney designed wedding gown went ‘viral’ within hours. This is just one of the reasons why you need to market your products using platforms like Pinterest, YouTube and so on. When you create a buzz about your product/services, you can increase the demand.

Tip#3: Educate your customers

Many times, websites have a ‘contact us’ page, but not enough information about the product or service. Today’s buyer wants to make an educated purchase. S/he might need more information and might even wish to do some more research before clicking the ‘buy’ button. Hence, educate them by adding trial or demo videos on your website or create offers with ‘call-to-actions’ on various pages of the site. Some of the high value offer formats are: ebooks, whitepapers, presentations, blogs, live webinars, videos, etc.

Tip#4: Optimize your form pages

When brides and grooms fill out the forms on your pages, you might wonder how much or how little information you would need in it. There is no secret here: the fewer the rows of a form page, the higher the conversions. Every field you add to your form page, means that you are creating more work for your visitors and subsequently lesser conversions. Also assure your visitors that your site is secure so that you have a privacy policy which indicates that their information will not be sold or shared with third parties.

Tip#5: Get found organically through SEO best practices

Your landing pages should be optimized with keywords but not too many that would reduce the page’s importance. Use headlines and sub headers with the right percentage of keywords within context throughout the page. Use the keywords in the image ALT tags and url as well.

Tip#6: Advertise on wedding portals

Our wedding portal at weddingsonline allows the option for wedding couples/families to contact you directly. We have social media pages that can provide direct links to your profile/landing pages. Brides and grooms can contact you directly because your business contact information and address are listed with us. We also provide information and analytical reports from time to time to visit your performance stats. Our site not only offers vendor access, but other inspirational content that couples are looking for.

We hope these tips will put you one click away from thousands of local families looking to arrange a wedding.

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