6 Tips To Keep Things Polite When You Hate The Gift From Your Mum-In-Law

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So, your mother in law has gifted you a  saree in a colour you dislike and wants you wear it to one of your wedding day celebrations? How do you deal with that?  It is indeed a Catch 22 situation, since if you wear it, you would be bombarded with more unappealing gifts in the future apart from suffering the horrible discomfort of wearing something you absolutely and totally detest (and that too on one of your important occasions). Conversely, if you are bold enough to tell her upfront that the garment is not to your liking, you stand the chance of upsetting her right at the very beginning of the relationship. So how do you deal with this tricky and rather sensitive situation?

Read on, we have important tips for you.

6 Tips To Keep Things Polite When You Hate The Gift From Your Mum-In-Law

  1. If you are unlucky enough to open the gift/view the saree right in front of your would-be mother-in-law, then you must not show your dislike immediately. Smile and thank her politely. If she asks you later whether you liked the gift, you can politely take her aside and tell her that the colour is not to your liking.
  2. If you are uncomfortable telling her that to her face, you can do so over the phone or even write her a letter/email. You can say that the saree is lovely; but that it is not right for the occasion she wants you to wear it to. You can make her feel better that you will wear it on other occasions.
  3. Ask her to take you shopping the next time she wants to buy you something- This is the best way of preventing such tricky situations. You can also ask her budget prior to shopping so that you do not make her uncomfortable by choosing pricey items.
  4. You can politely ask her that you wish to exchange the saree with something more suitable to your taste. Emphasize that you would not feel comfortable wearing the one she has gifted you.
  5.  You can gently tell her that you are grateful for her thoughtfulness and her gift, and also that the colour is simply amazing, but just not suited to your particular skin tone.
  6. Try to get rid of it discretely. You could sell it (ebay), or gift it to someone else who likes that particular shade. Naturally, if she asks you about it, it is best to come clean as lying in these matters will get you into stickier situations. Tell her that you simply did not like the garment and that it wasn’t exactly your style. You can also mention the kind of gifts/colours that are more to your liking.
  7. If all else fails, involve your better half into the discussion. Take him into confidence and see what will make him happier, even if it means obliging by wearing the garment in question (on that or some other occasion).

Remember: the key to strong relationships is being honest from the very beginning; only this will help you prevent many hassles and pretences down the road.

Have you had a run in with your mother-in-law over a similar situation? Do let us know below!

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