6 Ways To Keep Uninvited Guests Away From Your Wedding

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Amidst all the fun and celebrations that are bound to be an important part of your wedding, the last concern you really want on your mind is wondering if any uninvited guests also turned up to feast, dine and mingle with your real guests. But here’s the good news- there are many ways in which you can stop wedding crashers and uninvited guests from ruining your party and enjoying at your expense.

Have Your Guest List Ready

It’s important to share your guest list with the bridegroom’s family so that they too are aware of who will be attending the ceremony. Once both families have a fair idea of how many guests are likely to turn up as well as who those guests are, it becomes much easier to weed out the uninvited wedding crashers on D-Day

Ask Guests to RSVP

Most wedding cards usually carry a small request asking guests to RSVP or to confirm their attendance beforehand with the bride’s or the bridegroom’s family, but honestly, most guests rarely do so. Guests naturally assume that even if they do not confirm that they will be attending the wedding, that there is no harm in doing so. On the other hand, it’s also possible that guests may bring along their friends or other relatives thinking that it is alright to do so since nothing contrary was specified.

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Ask Guests To Carry Invitation Cards

A sure-fire way to ensure that no wedding crashers are entertained at your wedding is simply by asking guests to carry their wedding invitations to the wedding venue on their person. This acts as an entry card. Another way to ensure that a guest’s identity is checked at the door itself is by giving the lists of guests beforehand itself to the doormen. Guests will then simply need to state their names and number of family members with them, before entering the venue.

Avoid A Venue With Multiple Weddings

When you choose to have your wedding function held at a hotel, there’s a good chance that there could be two or more other alternate functions taking place at the same venue. While there could be a few guests who may have unknowingly sauntered into your ceremony, such a coincidence also gives uninvited guests ample freedom to walk in uninvited.

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Don’t Turn a Restaurant Into a Wedding Venue

Unless a restaurant, a bar or a pub is going to turn away other patrons and can be hired for the event just by you and your family, it isn’t advisable to say your wedding vows in a public place. You have a much bigger chance of encountering an uninvited guest then, because crowd management will be tough.

Take The Help of Your Family

You’ll be busy soaking in all that love and attention but a few chosen near and dear ones can definitely keep an eye out for people who aren’t familiar or who are complete strangers. The ones who you need to keep a watch out for include people who seem more interested in the cocktail section, grabbing a plate at the buffet counter or who appear to avoid conversing with other guests. They are usually the ones who smile at everybody but who do not greet or talk to any of the other guests by name.

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