7 Of The Coolest Hairstyles For Grooms Inspired By Bollywood Hotshots

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Today we have something special for our grooms. We have listed down 7 of the coolest hairstyles which are inspired by none other than your favourite Bollywood stars.

Before we do so, here’s some tips on basic hair care for grooms to be:

  • Cut your hair every 3-4 weeks. If you keep your style longer, wait no more than 4-6 weeks to get a haircut. Find a great stylist. If you do not already have one-seek referrals.
  • Know your hair texture. Google images of film stars having the same texture. Then, gather ideas from different styles they have portrayed.
  • Do not over-wash! Shampoo with tea tree shampoo every 3 days depending on how oily it gets. Do not forget the conditioner. If you have dandruff, use a good quality anti dandruff shampoo.
  • Eat healthy- Take care of your skin, hair and nails. Make sure you get biotin, zinc, iron and protein through your diet-else go in for supplements.
  • For men with long ears, the tip is to leave hair longer round the sides to take attention away from the ears. Longer haircuts also suit men having large ears.
  • Choose the right styling product-If you have fine hair, avoid ‘wet’ products that will make the hair flatter by making it stick to the scalp. Choose clay based products or a volumizing foam. You can also apply hair powder to the roots to increase effects and lock in the volume.

Here are 7 coolest hairstyles for grooms

1. Side and down

coolest hairstyles for Indian grooms

Tiger Shroff’s casually put together hair is ideal for men with thick hair and angular features. This is a neat hairstyle ideal for the wedding or reception ceremony.

2. Pompadour style coolest hairstyles for Indian grooms

Ideally the pompadour is for women-the hair is pulled back from the forehead making small faces look slightly elongated. In men, the pompadour is ideal for oval or square shapes. You can keep bangs of any length in this style. Highlights will work wonders in case you have greys in the region.

3. The Crop

coolest hairstyles for Indian grooms

Aamir’s crop hairstyle offers flair and comes across as a neat-yet-tousled look. This is a textured style with exaggerated lengths in the crown region and is ideal for men with fine hair. The style will suit men with square, oval or round face shapes.

4. The well groomed style

coolest hairstyles for Indian grooms

This style is classy and comes with a defined part. This s a no frills, sleek style everyone will adore. It is perfect for your Sangeet and other formal events.

5. Surf’s Up

coolest hairstyles for Indian grooms

This look can take you from night to day or anywhere else you are headed. It is a cool cut with sexy tousled spikes which your girl will want to run her hands through!

6. Choppy Sexy cool

coolest hairstyles for Indian grooms

This style is perfect for men looking for a seductive smart style that is midway between neat and tousled.

7. Long hairstyle

coolest hairstyles for Indian grooms

Longer hair is a trend you cannot argue with. Keep some hairspray handy to tame those locks.

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