7 Details Wedding Guests Really Dont Notice

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Wedding Guests- you’re going to the ends of the world to plan a killer wedding for them but what if we told you that  there are plenty of details that you and your groom are probably tearing your hair out for, but which your guests don’t really notice? As in they really aren’t going to judge your wedding ceremony based on a few parameters? So, are you ready to find out what these are? Let’s go:

1. Elaborate Wedding Invitations

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You’ve hired the best designer to put together a never seen before card for you, but in all likelihood, cruel as it sounds, your card will someday find a place in the dustbin or end up in a pile of forgotten paper. Unless your relative or friend actually keeps it safely for life.

2. Expensive Décor

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Yes, the décor will be noticed no doubt but there really isn’t any need to have flowers and other decorative items specially flown in just for the ceremony. All that money could be put to better use elsewhere.

3. Massive Centrepieces

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Most wedding planners love to pay special attention to the centre pieces that are going to be placed in the middle of the dining tables and the more elaborate the flower arrangement, the more ‘posh’ a wedding reception is thought to be. But ever wonder how the wedding guests will actually talk to each other properly with huge pieces standing in between?

4. Too Many Intros

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Guests really don’t pay attention when there are many family member introductions being made or when there are slideshows of personal photos on display. We suggest keeping both to a minimum so that guests get a chance to enjoy the main aspects of the ceremony.

5. Wedding Cake

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Its often spoken as the main attraction and couples go to great lengths to get a wedding cake that’s high on the oomph factor, on size and in flavour. But how about actually cutting the cake up and giving it to the guests as dessert? Most wedding guests really don’t care about the 3d design or fondant decorations.

6. Wedding Games

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Be honest- the reception is at night and most wedding guests would be coming in straight from work. The last thing they would want to do is to play a game or two no matter what the prize is. Give wedding guests the chance to relax and let their hair down instead of asking them to tap into their competitive side.

7. Wedding Favours

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You want to gift your wedding guests the best favours but what if they would be happier if you donated money on their behalf to an animal charity or to any other NGO of your choice? Think seriously about whether you want to put together a designer wedding favour bag or not.

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