7 Easy Home Decoration Tips And Ideas For Indian Wedding

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Looking for ideas and tips for home decoration that truly identifies who you and your groom really are? Read on for top Indian wedding home decoration ideas!

1. Choose your wedding colours

This is the first step when planning an intimate wedding in your home. Select your wedding theme and colours since that will help you give a cohesive look to the entire home. Purple, pink, burnt orange, green, blue and aquamarinesand other warm colours are some of the hottest themes that will never ever go out of fashion.

2. Choose your decor accessories

Pillows, curtains, centerpieces and rugs in the chosen theme and colours are a good place to start your home decoration with. You can also revamp the entire home by buying new furniture should you budget allow it. Sofas and lounge chairs in the selected colours can even be rented out and these can really enhance the home décor. Gold and silver glittering candle stands can enhance the home décor and you need not spend too much on them. Add these on tables, shelves and countertops all around the home for a cohesive look.

3. Paint the home

There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to enhance your wedding home décor. Beige, white, gray and light shades of blue and green are really popular this season. Take your wedding theme and colours into account and speak to a colour expert to ensure they match.

4. Set the stage

The mandap where the couple will tie the knot is the most important area as far as the wedding home decoration goes. If you are having a traditional Hindu ceremony, make some room for the havan kund or holy fire. Ensure that this area is well ventilated to prevent the room from getting too smoky. You can create a lovely backdrop with flowers or crepe dupattas in your chosen colours in this area. Check out the marigold backdrop below-sure to be a huge hit with your guests.

top wedding home decoration ideas

Image: Confetti Films Inc

Here is another gorgeous floral backdrop to take those awesome selfies!

home decoration tips and ideas for an Indian wedding

Image: 84mm Studios

5. The entrance

The entrance to the home can be decorated using marigolds, roses and jasmine. If this is passé you can go for ice sculptures in winters and floral centerpieces alongside rangolis in summers. For evening weddings, go for tea lights, diyas and candles. Place a toran made of cloth or flowers around the door. Floating flower rangolis in water are also popular for home entrance decorations.

6. Chandeliers and colourful canopies

A chandelier is a wonderful addition to the hall and entrance. For an outdoor wedding (garden wedding), go for colourful canopies in fabrics with different textures or floral arches to say your vows under. If you are planning to have an indoor buffet, you can add tables and chairs were guests will have a seated meal and add lanterns or small chandeliers above this area. Decorate the exteriors and interior with lights. Strands of lights in different colours and shapes are readily available in the market. Simply measure the length, breadth and width and buy these strands that are available in meters. You can also suspend lights from the rooftops.

home decoration tips for Indian weddings

Image: Camera Crew

7. Staircase

You can add flowers around the staircase or decorate them using lights, rangoli designs, paints or luxurious fabric drapes.

Know any other simple home decoration ideas for a wedding? Comment below!

Main image: Studio Focus Vision

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