7 Essential Tips To Get The Wedding You Really Want

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Presenting 7 important tips to help you organize the wedding of your dreams:

1.     Avoid rushing into things

This is especially true if you have time (at least 12 to 14 months) before the wedding. You need not rush into getting things done all at once. As long as your venue is booked, take some time to breathe and relax. You can browse at hairstyles, dresses, and other ideas in the mean time. Have fun while doing so!

2.     Look at the bigger picture

What are the things that really matter to you? Do you insist on a destination wedding? An intimate celebration? A huge gathering? Once you have these questions sorted, you can decide on the overall look and feel of the wedding. These questions will also help you decide upon the theme of the wedding and get an idea about your bridal style.


how to get the wedding you really want

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3.     Handle the budget questions…early on

This is one of the most important aspects of the wedding planning process. Sit down with both families and decide how much money to put aside for the wedding. Communication and organization are the keys to success here-these two factors will get everyone on the same page and also help avoid disagreements at a later stage. Once these not-so-pleasant discussions are out of the way, you can start focusing on the more pleasant aspects like flowers, dresses etc.

4.     Splurge on things that matter most to you

Take cue from other brides: ask your married friends what their focus was as far as the wedding budget was concerned. This can help give you a perspective. After having noted all inputs, make a list in the order of priorities as to what you REALLY want. Once you have decided that you want a Manish Malhotra gown or the latest Tanishq jewelry, then do not budge from the decision. You can then talk with your venue coordinator/wedding planner as to the kind of décor/theme/flowers you want for the decoration.

5.     Do not try to please everyone- but be pleasant!

You cannot please everyone- so you might have to take a firm stand several times during the planning process. If decision making seems tough, try and look at the bigger picture. It helps to remember a few pieces of advice such as ‘use your words carefully’. No matter how annoyed you may feel at suggestions made by well meaning friends or in-laws, keep your cool. Words once spoken cannot be taken back. So stay calm, smile and be nice. Try and make the other party see your point of view-albeit in a pleasant way. If they still do not agree, try and meet them mid-way.

6.     Break a few rules

You can always stick to traditions but put a twist to them. For example, if tradition demands you wear red, you can always wear red with accessories in other colors or choose a more contemporary style that suits your skin tone, body shape etc. You can also break the rules as far as the flowers, décor and wedding menu is concerned.

how to get the wedding you really want

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7.     Infuse your personality into the wedding

We love it when couples bring their own elements into the wedding. For example, some couples tell their love story through creative wedding invitations. Likewise, you can think outside the box – many bridal aspects can be used to infuse a part of you and your fiancé in your dream wedding ranging from favors to décor to all the pre-wedding events.

Go ahead and use these 7 creative ways to get the wedding you have been dreaming of!

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