7 Hair Loss Myths You Should Know About

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In this age of ready information that’s available at one’s fingertips courtesy Google, finding actual solutions to real life problems and getting the right advice which actually works for you is harder than you know. Let’s talk about the perfect crowning glory for example. How does one get perfect hair? Is one born with it or can it be acquired over the years, like good taste? Is hair straightening really bad for the hair? More often than not, it’s the myths and rumours that get more mileage than the truth. Whereas the term ‘hair loss’ which has more to do with the body’s internal factors than external agents, is often misunderstood.

That’s exactly why we decided that the monsoon season was the perfect time to bust 7 hair loss myths for you, the Indian bride:

Myth No 1- Washing hair everyday leads to more hair loss.

There isn’t any evidence to back this and if you have a very active lifestyle, your doctor would ask you to wash your hair with a gentle PH balanced no sulphate shampoo everyday. Here’s why- there’s a lot of dirt, grime and bacteria which accumulate on the scalp and washing your hair regularly can help keep it from deep within.

hair loss myths brides should know about

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Myth No 2- Brushing hair 100 times every day prevents hair loss

Well, they do say that it’s good to brush your hair at least 20 times every day because this helps the natural oils in the scalp to get evenly distributed all through the scalp and hair. But there’s no hard and fast rule that 100 is the minimum number of times you ought to run that brush through your hair. Just another hair loss myth!

Myth 3- Herbal treatments and oral medicines will cure my hair loss

Irrespective of the attractive way in which these medicines are packaged and sold, there is still no concrete proof that over the counter drugs and other treatments will help you get rid of your hair loss problem. It may help to temporarily keep the problem under control but nothing more than that.

hair loss myths for Indian brides

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Myth 4- Hair straightening leads to more hair loss

Let’s get this face straight- any chemical treatment which alters the natural composition of your hair isn’t good for you. But that doesn’t mean that a hair straightening treatment done at the hands of a professional can be blamed if you suffer from bouts of hair loss after completion of the procedure. Hair loss could result from multiple other factors as well.

Myth 5- Chemical colouring of hair has been proven to cause hair loss

Here’s another  one our list of hair loss myths busted! It’s true that people do report seeing more hair fall after a chemical treatment but still the term hair ‘loss’ cannot be attached to it. This could also be because most of the treatment is applied to the hair and not the scalp as such.

Myth 6- I lose only around 50 strands a day and that’s why I don’t think I suffer from hair loss.

Whether you lose 50 or 100 strands a day, there’s no minimum number attached to the term ‘hair loss’. If you feel that you are losing more hair than usual, then yes, you could be suffering from hair loss. If you notice any patterns of baldness on your head, it could also be alopecia.

Myth 7- Washing my hair with hot water is the prime reason for my hair loss.

No it isn’t. Hot water may cause hair fall but definitely not hair loss. It’s best to wash your hair with warm water instead.

Do you have any of your own hair loss myths to share with us? Write in and let us know!

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