7 Ideas for Indian Wedding Invitation Cards

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It is often the most important aspect of an Indian wedding – Wedding Invitation cards. It is long standing tradition to send out the wedding invitations with coloured rice and betel nut with a small amount of vermilion put on the card itself. With the increase in the other trends related to wedding, the invitation cards cannot be left far behind. There are so many varieties available in the market today that you are bound to get confused and unsure of what would be best for your wedding. We have 7 ideas for Indian wedding invitation cards for you:

Scroll wedding invitation card


The traditional wedding card: This is the quintessential Indian wedding card that has been used for many years. The one with a Lord Ganesh in some form could be traditional or you can give a modern twist to it. You can never go wrong with this. Lord Ganesh is considered to bring good luck, prosperity and success to the couple and make the ceremony go smoothly.

Scroll Invitation: These look very authentic. It suits the royal theme of the wedding. Scroll invitations give the guest a clear idea of what to expect at your wedding – nothing less than grandeur. Also it is very compact and delicate. Be careful about the material you choose for this type of invitation. It can very easily be noticed if the material is not correct. We recommend hand-made paper or cloth and wood tubes with tassels.

Non-Religious cards


Non-religious cards: This is another latest trend. It is mostly an invitation completely different than the traditional cards. These usually are very modern in look and feel. They also may have an abstract design. They may be made in pastel colours-very unlike traditional cards which are bright in colour. These cards are perfect for an inter-faith wedding.

Floral designs: Invitation cards with floral designs are a hot trend. These could be a variant of the non-religious cards, but we have a separate paragraph owing to its popularity. They are perfect for a wedding of any religion. Whatever is the theme of your wedding, you can always a find a floral design to go with it. The options available are aplenty.

'Save the date'

Picture cards: You can have a beautiful picture or make a collage of some amazing ones of the couple for the invitation. This trend is quickly catching on and conveys the message in a straightforward way. This type of cards a little tricky though. You have to be careful about picking the pictures. We recommend a professional photographer who can capture the special moment.

Save the date: Due to the advanced use of on-line social networking in our lives, wedding invitation video is becoming very popular these days. Most couples’ photographer and video professionals include these in their services. These videos are short, nothing more than a couple of minutes and shot at exotic locations in your city. ‘Save the date’ pictures for social media are garnering much hype.

Lace Cards


Something Different: you can also give a lace wedding invitations cards a try. You could either have a bright background and light colour lace or the vice versa to make the lace the focal point on the card. Quilling is also something new and different. It can be custom made to your liking. You can find lots of freelancers offering quilling material. credit-n.ru кредит плюс займлайм займ отзывызайм на киви без привязки карты

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