7 Mistakes Brides Make on Their Wedding Morning

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As your wedding day is coming closer with every passing moment, here’s something extremely helpful for you. Read this when you still have time to avoid common mistakes brides make on the morning of their Big Day!

7 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Wedding Morning

1. Not eating enough

While there is this predominant ritual in India where brides and grooms have to keep a fast till the ceremony is over, it can actually spoil the day for you. If the fast is customary then try to at least have fruit juice. If there’s no such custom, and it’s just the excitement and pre-wedding jitters which are killing your appetite then do not give in to them. In fact, try to delegate this job to a friend to remind you to eat from time to time throughout the day.

2. Keeping tasks for last minute

Even worst, keeping a huge amount tasks to be done at the very last moment. For example, getting your nails done, or packing your bag etc. Well, if you don’t want to be all over the place in front of your guests, friends, newly-wed spouse and relatives, it is always better to leave little or nothing for the last minute. Also, try to keep your morning free from such tasks. You are not supposed to sweat over unfinished tasks on your wedding morning.

3. Skipping schedules

You must have prepared a schedule for your wedding day and in all probability, you are not anywhere close to following it on the D-day. While nobody is expecting you to finish everything by the clock, at least your attempt to stick to your schedule can save you from last minute rush.

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4. Checking the phone all the time

If possible, delegate this task to someone else so you do not miss urgent phone calls. But at the very least, do not waste time giving directions to guests or managing the vendors. You have many more important things to focus on.

5. Changing dresses and/or makeup plans

Panic kicking in at the last moment is likely. Brides often tend to overthink their makeup and dresses in the last week leading to their wedding.So it’s normal if the idea looks absurd, or you start feeling that you are going to look ridiculous in that designer wedding attire you spent so much on. Do try and keep such thoughts away. Your hairdresser and dress designer are going to make you look your best; trust them.

6. Being panic-stricken

So many guests, so much chaos, so many rituals along with so many opinions and ideas floating around! It’s absolutely alright if you feel like you want to run away from the venue to someplace peaceful. Instead of letting panic overpower you and spoil your entire day, just take some time off, find a quiet corner and sit for a moment and relax.

7. Not keeping an emergency kit handy

This is one mistake that can cost you a lot in case of an emergency situation like staining your dress or having unwanted wardrobe malfunction. That’s why you need to prepare and keep a bridal emergency kit ready.

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