7 Problems Every Girl Wearing A Saree Faces

It’s the most celebrated Indian garment but truth be told, wearing a saree the right way and actually looking like a Bollywood celeb in it is nothing short of a miracle. So, it’s no surprise then that we girls actually wear a pained look when we’re told that our saree is sitting ever so nicely on us without a single pleat out of place.

We dedicate this article to all the brides to be who know just how hard it is to rock a saree. Here are 7 problems that almost every girl who has ever draped a saree seems to have faced:

1. How To Make it Look Modern

wearing a saree

Image courtesy Radha Photos

Here you may be struggling to get a single pleat straight and there you have half a dozen Bollywood actresses making it look like they were actually born wearing a saree! Not a single pleat is ever out of place and they just look so gorgeous.

2. How To Accessorize

wearing a saree

Image courtesy Octopus Film

So the saree is pretty no doubt but getting the right look together is nothing short of real hard work. It’s not uncommon to find that the saree may look amazing but the accessories that you have your heart set on just don’t complement the saree at all. We suggest taking your saree along when accessory shopping, that way you’ll find the perfect match.

3. How To Choose the Right Footwear

wearing a saree

Image courtesy Clickunlimited Photography

It’s a common dilemma- to wear heels or not to wear them. How much height is too much or just right when it comes to footwear? We suggest picking out footwear that keep your feet happy and not to be stubborn about making your feet look dainty. Remember, you’ve got to walk in those shoes too!

4. How To Choose the Right Blouse Design

wearing a saree

Image courtesy Shine Studio

So, you’ve always wondered how you would look in an off shoulder blouse or in a halter neck but you’re a bit shy about trying a new style. We suggest discussing the options that would look bets on you with your designer. And no, don’t try anything that you aren’t sure you can carry off confidently.

5. How to Drape the Pallu

wearing a saree

Image courtesy Impress Digital Studio

India is a country in which each state has a different way of wearing the saree. Not to forget, the pallu is a whole different story too. We suggest giving those Bolly flicks a pass on and draping the pallu in a way that flatters your figure and doesn’t stop you from having fun. But yes, the classy elegant way to drape the pallu is to allow it to fall gently on one arm.

6. How To Have Fun

wearing a saree

Image courtesy Arrow Multimedia

Yes, at the end of the day or at night, you really want to let your hair down on the dance floor and kick off those high heels that have pinching you non-stop for hours. We say go for it- no really, let those tresses down and dance away without worrying about how you were looking. A girl with confidence wins hands down any day!

7. How to Do Just About Anything

wearing a saree

Image courtesy Abhishek Ghadi Photography

There’s this cliché statement that says a girl really appreciates her jeans and tshirt only when she finds out that she doesn’t have much freedom of movement in a saree. But we think otherwise. Just spare a moment and think of the hundreds of women who wear sarees to their workplaces or just because they like doing so. Strutting around in one or even running in one will take time, but at the end of the day, a saree is just like any other garment and how comfortable you allow yourself to be in it depends entirely on you.

Main image courtesy Classy Captures