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7 Skin Care Tips for Winter Brides

winter skin tips for Indian brides

As the air is dry during winters, you skin also becomes dry and scaly. If you have planned your wedding during winter, it is important that you maintain a healthy beauty regime. We have 7 skin care tips for winter brides to keep their skin glowing and ready for the wedding:

7 skin care tips for winter brides

Moisturise: It is not enough to moisturise your skin just once a day in winters. Make sure to apply dose of moisturiser at least thrice a day. It may sound difficult, but is not. Even if you are working, it is possible. Just keep a smaller pack of body lotion in your bag. Apply during lunch break. When at home, apply the moisturiser to your whole body, at least twice a day.

Drink water: Drinking plenty of water is very essential. It will stop the dehydration that one is prone to during winters. Minimum 8 glasses of water is recommended. We suggest you have a bottle of 1 litre and consciously finish 2 fills.

Warm water bath: Hot water baths are so tempting. But they leave the skin very dry. It is difficult to recover from the dry spots it leaves all over the skin. We recommend warm water baths rather than hot water. Try and bathe only once a day instead of the regular two, just during winters.

7 skin care tips for winter brides

Lip balm: Lips are prone to being chapped. Many to be brides stop using a lip balm once the lips heal. We recommend continued use of lip balm. Other home remedies like honey or ghee also work well or you could use olive oil.

Eat right: Eating the right food during winters can also help keep your glow intact. Make sure your diet is rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids. Drink lots of warm soup. Include seasonal vegetables and fruits in your diet. Keep away from spicy food.

7 skin care tips for winter brides

Toner: You might want to take a good look at your current toner. Alcohol leaves the skin dry and most toners contain alcohol. Choose an alcohol free toner. The herbal toners available in the market would be your best bet. Read the label carefully before buying.

Dress appropriately: With the onslaught of winter, a complete change of wardrobe is necessary. From beanies to socks, everything matters. It is very important that you stock your cupboard with clothes that are comfortable yet warm. When attending a party wearing layers of clothing helps.

7 skin care tips for winter brides

Let us know how you take your of your skin in winters in the comments section below!

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