7 Tips To Break Your Weight Loss Plateau

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We’ve all been there at some point or the other on the journey of losing weight. You first decided that you wanted to lose weight and look good for the wedding and you started dieting and working out. The weight started coming off slowly and you lost the first 5 kilos quite easily. You then felt motivated enough to keep going at your usual workout routine, till you understood that the weight just wasn’t budging anymore. No matter how much you huffed and puffed at the gym and ate just salads for dinner, the love handles on your body simply refused to go away. So, what happened?

It’s quite normal really and you shouldn’t blame your body for this. Considering that your body wasn’t used to working out in the first place, your initial efforts paid off. But once your body got used to the workout and diet, you weren’t burning as many calories as before. That’s what’s called hitting a weight loss plateau. But here’s the good news, you can break it easily and reach your weight loss goal before you shine on your wedding day. Here are our top 7 tips:

Mix It Up

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You’ll find that slugging away at the gym for months at a stretch becomes boring and the key to working out different parts of your body evenly is to mix up different workout routines. Try workouts that use dance as a base like Zumba or Bollywood beats along with gym sessions. A new workout each day of the week will keep you motivated to lose more.

Watch the Calories

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Just because you’re working out, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep an eye open for your calorie intake. Watching calories is one of the best ways to break the weight loss plateau. You’ll find plenty of great recipes online that give your body adequate nutrition without increasing your fat reserves.

Meal Times Matter

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Breaking up three square meals into 5 or 6 mini meals ensures that your body always has enough energy and fuel to get you through the day. You wont feel hangry and best of all, you won’t feel the need to reach out for something sweet for that sugar rush either.

Get Sleep

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Your body produces a hormone called cortisol which is a stress hormone. Its this hormone that makes losing weight such an uphill task/ In order to break the weight loss plateau successfully, you need to give your body the rest and slumber it deserves.

Protein Rocks

There’s a popular myth that protein consumption should be higher among people who consume meat. In fact, if you’re working out and you want to stay fuller for longer, then protein is a must in your diet. It takes longer to digest and ensures that your muscles stay strong too.

Drink Up

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Say a loud no to fizzy drinks and any sugary liquids and yes to clean hydrating water. Water helps boost your metabolism, helps you lose weight and keeps your skin looking good. Don’t forget to sip water every now and then when working out too.

Build Muscle

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If you’re serious about breaking the weight loss plateau, then you need to get comfortable with weights. They help give your muscles more definition and the right strength training program will help you burn fat faster and make you fitter.

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