7 Ways to Chill While Planning Your Wedding

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Here comes one of the most monumental events of your life! You’re charged with the buzz of engagement and all set to make it perfect but what no one will tell you is how the thrill wears off soon amidst the deadlines and opinions that come along. Wedding planning involves a ton of decisions to be made. A lot takes place all the way through the journey so keeping your sanity intact becomes decisive if you want to cherish your D-day completely. Given below are a few tips that will help you to chill while planning your wedding and burst the stress it brings along.

1. Sleep well

It is said that a warm bubble bath and a sound sleep can cure almost everything. While planning a wedding is a full-time job, taking a 7-8 hour sleep will help you to stay bright-eyed and calm. To be anxious is to be human but taking a nap will help you get your hold back when you may be losing it.

2. Get on the same page with your partner

Take time out and talk to your partner. Share your wedding ideas with your in-laws and know what they want. Wedding turns out to be better when you lay an outline before starting the preparations. What would be better than talking to a person to whom this day is as important as it is to you?

3. Take some time off

When you feel the stress taking over, indulge in something un-wedding. Hit the local favourites with your bridesmaids, go shopping or watch a movie. Don’t let the pressure of planning a perfect wedding take over the little joys of life. Love and pamper yourself whenever you can.

4. Say ‘yes’ to help offered

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You may not want to give your bridesmaids a hard time but asking for their help in planning your wedding is, in fact, an honour. Let them take control and give them a chance to make your wedding memorable. There’s nothing wrong in taking the help of a friend; after all, even you would do the same.

5.  Set boundaries

As I mentioned above, with a wedding comes a lot of opinions. Throughout your wedding planning, you might hear different things people expect of you.  Know that you cannot please everyone and set goals from the start. It is your day and what matters the most is what you want.

6. Focus on the bigger picture

Stressing over every little detail will make you go nuts. The color of your nosegay or decoration around may not be what you’ve imagined but focus on the bigger picture.  Just remember that you cannot have everything organized as if it’s a movie but you can keep chill and look flawless on your wedding.

7.  Don’t compare

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The worst thing you can do is comparing your wedding with that of others. Constant comparison will only make you more anxious and steal away the uniqueness of the wedding. Take inspiration from someone else’s wedding pictures and set a base but don’t copy them blatantly and lead yourself to an impossible situation. Take a deep breath and just stop comparing.

If you’re still under stress, take the perspective of someone who could help you to get your mind off the obsession of having a starstruck wedding. Don’t stay busy in dealing with the details and missing it all. Give yourself a huge pat on the back and don’t let your anxiety and stress hold you from looking as gorgeous and bubbly as you really are. At the end, you will realize that the beautiful bond of marriage was totally worth the trauma and pressure.

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This guest post was contributed by Palak Gupta, writer and budding entrepreneur with MatrimonialsIndia.com. Palak likes writing on varied topics but by far her favourites include those related to family, relationships and dating.

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